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US 'war on terror' backfiring, says thinktank ,,,,,,,Da Ya Think!

Can someone please read this to el presidente http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/apr/23/usa.somalia

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Ron Paul my hero

...is so right. It shows we currently have no thinkers in our top gov. positions.


No, can't read it to el presidente

But I sent it to my email list with the subject:

Bush/McCain does not know what to do.

Singular because Bush/McCain might as well be one person. I actually think McCain will be worse as a president; seems impossible.

I am going to refer to McCain as Bush/McCain from now on. He is Bush's hugging siamese twin. That hug with Bush waving at the crowd and McCain putting his head on Bush's chest reminds me so much of pictures I saw of Saddam Hussein and his "subjects."

Thanks for posting this. I appreciate that effort.