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****Everyone Please Get Involved****

A man by the name of Jack Mclamb spoke at the Freedom Rally on the 15th. I came away with a GREAT respect for this man. He runs an organization that promotes constitutional education to police officers and military. He is a retired police officer. His story is amazing. Please, take time to check out his website. As he says if tyranny comes to America it will be wearing a uniform. This is one of the most important issues we face right now. We must educate the people in uniform. Please check out his site and buy newsletters to distribute, and pass his site along to ALL police officers and military you know.


I see there are over 700 people on this website today!!!!
This is amazing, we are growing stronger and stronger everyday, this rEVOLution is ours for the taking my friends, all that we need we have before us, victory IS ours!!!

Let us stay focused on that which we want, for ALL else is a distraction.

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