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Freaky weapon to drive away protesters?

Freaky weapon to drive away protesters and loiterers.

It's getting crazy out there...


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Sad. The hypocrites who

Sad. The hypocrites who support this wouldn't be so supportive if the device singled out women or black people instead of teenagers as it does now.

"Useful as a teen repellent"

So much for the children being the future..

I'm so disgusted with my government right now that if a rebellion started tomorrow i'd be the first Texan to sign up. I wish change could be calm, intelligent, created through discussion and education that helps people understand when things are bad or cruel. It seems that kind of logic, common sense, is nearly lost now. Those in power refuse to change their ways, refuse to relinquish their power, refuse to stop gobbling up more and more. America may well become little more than a much larger version of fuedal Europe, with 95% of us subserviant peasants to the nobles and kings. Is there really anyone here that can live with that? I can't.

~I will never again accept the lesser of two evils.~

~I will never again accept the lesser of two evils.~