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When will they declare marshall law/ will there be an election at all?

After what the media did with Ron Paul etc.. I recently came over a book called the Iron Curtain Over America written in 1951 by John Beaty.
Somehow looking at current world events and revising history this book has in my opinion regained tremendous up-to-dateness.
Anyone who has the time should read it through.
It is as important as Mearsheimer and Walt's book that was recently published: The Israel lobby and US foreign policy.
Having read both books, a lot of history and current events makes more sense to me.
I don't want to be pessimistic, but I think there will not be any elections in fall, Bush will attack Iran, they will invent some new false flag attack( if they even bother to find a reason) and declare ML and the Bushkill will stay in office.
Anyone who has a second home abroad should be watching carefully and not miss the last opportunity to travel before it's too late.

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