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Confidence in FLDS arrest warrant now shaky, authorities say

But as you read on, you will read that the state is just as determined as ever to take these people down, despite not finding any pregnant underage girls AT ALL.

Confidence in FLDS arrest warrant now shaky, authorities say

By Paul A. Anthony (Contact)
Thursday, April 24, 2008

Revelations that the March 29 phone call that sparked a raid on a
Schleicher County polygamist compound may be a hoax have led
prosecutors to doubt the reason for the original search-and-arrest
warrant that granted authorities access to the YFZ Ranch.

Arrests still could be made in the case, said First Assistant 51st
District Attorney Allison Palmer. The raid, based on the warrant, led
to the removal of 437 children from the Fundamentalist Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ranch, the largest child custody
action in Texas history.

"If it were true that the female who identified herself as Sarah is
not really Sarah, I do not feel that would be enough to (invalidate)
the search warrant," Palmer said.

Palmer used the phone calls as the probable cause necessary to secure
the search-and-arrest warrant granted by District Judge Barbara

"Some events have shaken our belief and confidence in that probable
cause," Palmer said.

Nevertheless, she added, the criminal investigation continues and
still could result in arrests - even if the original reason turns out
to be faulty. The arrest warrant remains active, she said, and
prosecutors have not decided whether they will file a motion to
withdraw or dismiss it.

"Probable cause is just that," Palmer said. "You're not dealing with
certainties. You're dealing with probabilities."

Colorado authorities and the Texas Rangers are investigating whether
a Colorado Springs resident made the series of phone calls March 29
and 30 that led the NewBridge Family Shelter in San Angelo to contact
the state's Child Protective Services agency and relay her claims of
physical and sexual abuse at the ranch.

Questions about the phone calls' legitimacy have arisen as three
weeks have gone by without any identification of the 16-year-old girl
who allegedly made the calls. The man she identified as her
"husband," Dale Barlow, 50, has denied wrongdoing. The Texas Rangers
visited him recently [IN ARIZONA!], but he has not been arrested in the case.

Investigation into the false-report allegations is ongoing, said Tom
Vinger, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety,
downplaying somewhat the significance of the same person's arrest on
separate misdemeanor false-reporting charges.

"If we knew that (she made the March 29-30 phone calls), we would
have filed an arrest warrant for her," Vinger said. "People can read
in what they want to read."

As news of that arrest and possible involvement in the case was
reported Friday, CPS officials backed off their insistence that the
girl would be found.

In a media briefing immediately after the two-day custody hearing
Friday, CPS spokeswoman Marleigh Meisner used Sarah more as a symbol
than as a person.

"I do believe that Sarah exists," she said. [She is hiding with all the WMD in Iraq, probably]

"There were many Sarahs. Just because perhaps someone else placed
that phone call doesn't change our involvement.

"What we feel we found was systematic abuse of children." [And why have they not offered any public evidence of what that abuse is?]

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ACLU of Texas Observing FLDS Custody Hearings

Let's pressure the ACLU to do more than just observe!!!

Contacts: ACLU of Texas Information 512-478-7300
ACLU of Texas Observing FLDS Custody Hearings in San Angelo

A representative of the ACLU of Texas is in San Angelo observing the
custody hearings currently underway concerning the children of the
Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FDLS), in front of Judge
Barbara Walthers of the 51st District Court. The hearings are part of
a standard fourteen-day process mandated by the Texas Family Code, at
the conclusion of which the court must return a removed child to the
custody of his or her parents unless the government provides
sufficient evidence that the child's physical health or safety is in
danger and, despite the government's reasonable efforts to enable the
child to return home, there is substantial risk of continuing danger
if the child is returned.

Although the custody hearing is continuing, based on the testimony we
have heard, we believe the government's efforts to protect the
children of the FLDS in Eldorado and the continuing proceedings raise
serious and difficult issues regarding the sometimes competing rights
of children and their parents.

"While we acknowledge that Judge Walthers' task may be unprecedented
in Texas judicial history, we question whether the current proceedings
adequately protect the fundamental rights of the mothers and children
of the FLDS," said Terri Burke, Executive Director of the ACLU of Texas.

"As this situation continues to unfold, we are concerned that the
constitutional rights that all Americans rely upon and cherish – that
we are secure in our homes, that we may worship as we please and hold
our places of worship sacred, and that we may be with our children
absent evidence of imminent danger – have been threatened," Burke said.

The ACLU deplores crimes against children and believes that one
measure of a society is how well we protect those who cannot protect
themselves. We stand opposed to child abuse and support the
government's mandate to intervene when abuse is suspected, to
safeguard the health and welfare of children.

"We recognize that this balancing act is difficult, but we are
concerned that government may not be complying with the Constitution
or the laws of Texas in the execution of its mandate, from how the
raids were conducted to whether the current process protects basic
rights," said Lisa Graybill, Legal Director for the ACLU of Texas, who
is in San Angelo watching the hearings. "The government must ensure
that each mother and each child in its custody receives due process of
law in determining the placement of the children and other matters
regarding the children's care."

Karen McCreary, the Executive Director of the ACLU of Utah, noted "The
government has both the obligation to protect children from danger and
the obligation to do so constitutionally."

Members of the FLDS live in communities in Utah and Arizona as well as




They came first for the Communists,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.
Then they came for the Fundamental Mormons,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Fundamental Mormon.
Then they came for the Jews,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Mormons,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Mormon.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
but I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics,
but I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.
And then they came for me,
and, by that time, there was no one left to speak up.

Attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power
and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

People if you are not motivated to put aside 1hour- 5 hours-or 10 hours per day(or however many you can budget) to consistently work toward restoring our constitutional government-- through electing Ron Paul as President(currently) then our children WILL NOT HAVE A CONSTITUTION TO DEFEND. PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR LIFE SCHEDULE AND FIGURE OUT HOW YOU CAN MAKE A BIGGER DIFFERENCE!!!

It's so hard to believe this is playing out before our eyes

meanwhile, the mainstream press has all but moved on.

The Salt Lake Tribiune has excellent coverage of the story every day, and the rights violations just keep piling up.

I hope when this is all said and done that the FLDS own every last piece of property that CPS currently owns and that each of these children receives a huge stockpile of cash at the expense of the CPS budget.

The sucky part is that it is ultimately WE, THE PEOPLE, who will pay. Which is why these CPS and their cronies can act with complete abandon: they bear no responsibility in the end for their sins. Until the real end. I have a feeling there is a creator who will judge them harshly for the damage they have done to these children.


The separations continue

'I need her back' FLDS mothers recount being separated from children
By Christopher Smart
The Salt Lake Tribune

Posted: 6:47 PM- ELDORADO, Texas - An FLDS woman choked back tears
today as she described how her 13-month-old baby was taken from her at
the San Angelo Coliseum.

The woman, who identified herself as Velvet, 31, was among 64
women who left the coliseum, some to go stay with their babies of 12
months and younger. Velvet said she does not know where her child is

"She's still nursing. She's never had a bottle before. I need her
back," Velvet said.

Today's exodus included the women and 63 children. Seventeen women
with babies 12 months and under were to be taken to a care facility
with their children.

Texas Child Protective Services workers separated 47 women from
their children. Of those, 40 went to another, undisclosed location,
and seven returned to the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints' ranch in Eldorado.

As this evening, 260 children remained at the coliseum and will be
moved out in coming days, officials said. On Tuesday, 111 children 5
and older left San Angelo for foster homes across the state, a CPS
spokeswoman said.

On Wednesday, Tom Green County District Judge Barbara Walther
reversed an earlier decision and asked CPS to keep the youngest babies
with their mothers and to keep mothers with children over 12 months
old in close proximity to them.

This evening, however, another woman, Ruth, who spoke at the gate
to the ranch, said all her children - twins just over 12 months old,
and a 2- and 4-year-old - were taken away. Ruth and Velvet also said
that CPS workers told them that if they chose to return to the ranch,
they would not see their children again.

Earlier today, CPS spokesman Darrell Azar denied those
allegations, saying the separations had no bearing on the outcome of
the case.

Velvet said she returned to the ranch because she doesn't trust
the CPS, claiming workers had lied to her all along.

CPS attorney Gary Banks told the judge Wednesday that siblings
would be kept together. But Ruth, 34, said her twins were not being
placed with the older children.

She also said that when the CPS workers took the children, the
older ones cried, saying, "Mother, Mother, don't let them take us
away, we want to be with you.' "

Asked what was like to be back on the ranch without her children,
Ruth said, "I can't even imagine life without my children. It's very
emotional to come here and not have them with me."


Property location

Please have a look on any of these maps if the property is in the way of the highway development.

Eldorado is on U.S. 277, between Sonora and San Angelo, which links I-10 and I-20 in Texas and is part of the Ports-To-Plains Corridor, linking Mexico to Denver, CO.
The map for this corridor system is here: http://www.portstoplains.com/maps.html
I just can't help but wonder if there is a connection....there is almost nothing else out there.

the thought has certainly crossed my mind

and, after all, isn't tearing apart families under the guise of stopping child abuse a whole lot easier than having to justify the NAFTA super highway to the public?


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on the link, got a better one?

I fixed the link

very sorry, it got broken across two lines the first time i pasted it.



This reminds me of

going in to Iraq.Opps, we made a mistake--oh well,we are there
now so we might as well keep killing people!!For the general
population to think all this is ok
just makes me want to tear all my hair out!!!

I came close to having my childern taken...23 yrs. ago !

After several years living in another state...I returned to Oregon with my children. As newly arrived and without a house yet...we were staying with friends. While away house hunting...the police paid a visit to our friends home. They had reports of Marijuana being smoked ( grown ? ) on the property. They stole money...jewelry...personal document etc.

A few days later...

The police came into the grade school ( 1st through 3rd. ) and took specific childern aside ( mine included ) in priate rooms to question them as to activities in the home. They showed "joints" to them asking them is they had ever seen them around the house etc. They questioned them as to may aspects of their enviornment and took notes.

My reaction was disbelief at first...which rapidly became horror. Within 3 weeks we had our passports and were on our way to a better life. Good thing too, as they ( child services ) came looking for us some days after I pulled the children from school.

Discover Costa Rica...The American Dream...Tropical Style !

Discover Costa Rica

Wow! Close call!

I envy you for being able to pick up and go someplace safe so quickly and protect your children from the state. I sometimes feel the only way to fix this country is to leave it!


Don't expect apologies...

...from either RumorMill or loonsniper.

The one seems dedicated to the extinction of polyamory in America, and the other appears to have dedicated herself to overturning the Bill of Rights.

Traumatizing 437 (and counting?) children means nothing to the greater cause of empowering the state to enforce a uniform lifestyle upon all dissenters.

Imperium Delenda Est!
Professor Bernardo de la Paz

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

They do make a great team!

I would like to propose that we utilize RumorMill's special patented Mandatory Monogamous Matchup system and pair him with LoonSniper. Since RumorMill also supports state intervention in the reproductive process, I also suggest that the happily-paired duo shall be proscribed from procreation, under RumorMills's Mandatory Sterilization program wherein the state decides who gets to reproduce. Here, we--the greater DP community--shall be the state. Did anyone elect us to be the state? No! That's what makes forcing our will on others so fun!

It's a win for everyone: LoonSniper--who opposes young people having the choice to marry other young people--gets an old coot for a companion; RumorMill gets the monogamous relationship he's never been able to create on his own; and none of us have to tolerate any offspring from them!


Coke County

Coke County Courthouse
Robert Lee, TX 76945

51st District Court
Judge Barbara Walther
Phone: 325-659-6571


Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

Alaskaron, thank you for the

Alaskaron, thank you for the post. Funny how they "visited" Mr. Barlow, and haven't arrested him, but have removed 437 children from their home. I really hope these kids get to go home soon. Keep posts like this up, this is about our freedoms!
Go Ron Paul!

Too funny...

not the article, but the added observation of her hiding with the WMDs. I laughed out loud-not the best thing to do when you're on the computer at work. It's a good thing that I'm the boss.

Finding humor is the only way to not get so stressed over this


The comical antics of the State in this case would be laughable were there not nearly 600 innocent victims of their ridiculous, Keystone Cops farce.


Keep up the good work, Ron.

Keep up the good work, Ron. I still have some hope the tide will eventually turn in this hoax. When literally every allegation the CPS makes turns out to be false, their only way to save face will be to cast a wider and wider net, attempting to portray more and more of the FLDS’ers lifestyle choices, such as home schooling, as bad. In the process, they will inevitably be forced to anger and alienate larger and larger groups of people, who might otherwise be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they will soon reach a breaking point. I still have some sliver of faith left in (at least part of) the American population.


I keep thinking of this the same way you are: that something good has to come out of all of this. At some point the state will have to quit fighting reality as public outcry gets louder. These folks largely do many of the same things people here do: home school, refuse vaccinations, eat healthy foods (no GMOs), etc. They deserve our support. I hope that day is sooner than later when the state says this charade is over.


ecorob's picture

What makes all of this so very hard to understand...

is that these fascist stormtroopers are people, American citizens, just like people here at the DP, that are doing this to their fellow citizens in the name of OUR government. Is there not one of them with a single shread of decency to step forward and look at the facts and say, "Wait a second, lets look at this a little closer. Is our agenda to protect the children? If so, from what?" The allegations are proving to be false. I've always thought (most) cops were either less intelligent than most people (why else would you settle for such meager wages) or on a power trip. These keystone fanatics are helping to prove my case. If you are a smart, decent law enforcement officer I apologize to you. But, if you are a smart, decent law enforcement officer then you know exactly who I am talking about. I mean, you work next to them every day, right?

Only until we stand up against this tyranny and aggression will it cease to scare us or oppress us.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

There are several news reports today

There are several news reports today that as children and mothers were peeled apart, that some police officers and attorneys were seen crying in public.

Maybe there are some who do have a heart and who do struggle with what they are being asked to do.

We can only hope they will try to use whatever influence they have to question this. However, the police being a paramilitary organization that prizes their chain of command structure, I am doubtful any of those cops on the front lines will ask their Lt. or Captains why this is happening, because they would be considered to be out of order.