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Will the Amero replace the dollar before we get a chance to use our silver as legal tender?!

Do you think there is a plan to bring in the Amero once the dollar depreciates so much that it's useless?

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Point being,,

How can silver be worth 50.00 an once if the government is issuing 20.00 amero coins out of silver . I guess its the manipulators ability to control the silver market,,,,any comments?

Where are they going to get the silver?

They can't even keep up with silver eagle demand.

Lisa C.


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It would depend

on the percentage of silver in the coin, right? Are you simply speculating - or are you getting this information on the 20.00 silver amero from somewhere....

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IF there is a plan to

IF there is a plan to replace the Federal Reserve Note with another currency, whether it is the Amero or whatever, the problem they will face is that the entire Fiat Monetary System is collapsing. A new currency will not do anything to regain control over a foundational system that is crumbling under the weight of its own debt load; that debt would have to be placed behind the new currency and the same problem would exist that existed before.

Just replacing the "dollar" with the "amero" is not nor can it be a solution to the fundamental problems systemic within the Federal Reserve and Central Banking Systems. The Fiat System is reaching its maximum possible life-span and simply replacing a currency is not addressing the issue faced by the terminal point of the system itself.

I personally wouldn't worry about the "amero" because it would be just a name change with a face-lift, but the rotten guts within the system would remain cankered.


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I agree

I think it is more likely that another country - like China - will issue a silver or gold currency in an attempt to grab the vacant position as world currency provider. Maybe several countries will issue such currencies. Mexico has such a proposal in the legislature already, according to RP. In the face of real money from abroad, the US will either have to issue its own silver or gold currency or the people will use the currencies of other countries (and old US coins), as we did during the earliest days of the Repbulic.

And, by the way, if it turns out to be the case that the new world-wide currency (or currencies) are silver and or gold backed, then those of you who have parked your wealth in gold or silver are going to do very, very well.


That's why all this is happening.....

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This is happening because

This is happening because the Central Bank, along with the government, has depended upon a Fiat Monetary System, all of which fail. It is not some grand conspiracy necessarily, just a fact of mathematical systems which rely upon debt creation to form a country's currency. As far back as 900b.c. when the Chinese tried Fiat, the same thing happened to the system, it was the same with the Romans and every other society that attempted to break the laws of mathematics.

If there was a conspiracy it was when the Bankers came together with the politicians back in the late 1800s and early 1900s to form the Federal Reserve to scalp the American People and basically create a Feudal Peonage Society, robbing the People of their wealth through inflationary debasement of the currency.

If the Amero was introduced, it would fare no better than the underlying system itself. The foundation of the entire system is collapsing and no matter whether they keep the Federal Reserve Note or introduce the Amero the system will continue to crumble because it is the system that is problem. The Fiat currency used could be anything at all, it would do no good, it would not solve the fundamental problem beneath the currency. In other words, it will not work on behalf of anyone, any government or any banker to promote a new currency that would suffer from the same systemic problems as the one it is suppose to replace.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

When the Balloon Pops

When the dollar tanks, I suspect it will take the Canuck Buck, the Peso, and the Japanese Yen with it -- unless certain forward thinking Mexican legislators get their way and link the Peso to silver again.

In any event, I don't expect to see an "Amero" circulating any time soon in North America. The word "Dollar" already has a couple of centuries worth of cultural momentum behind it. The USA and the Canadian Confederation would likely just redefine the "Dollar" and reissue a re-denominated fiat currency.

If a bankrupt Mexico is also rolled into a "North American Union" it would probably be easiest to sell if "Dollars" were defined as ten "Pesos", and "Pesos" defined as ten "Yen".

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From what I understand Peter Schiff is saying

is that those other nations, who hold those currencies will no longer trade with us, but keep their goods for themselves, and prosper in lifestyle. I think we will be isolated and pretty much left out in the cold economically if the dollar crashes.

They will never let you use your silver.

I have a gut instinct that if the government allowed for precious metals to be used as currency, they fear that foreign governments would swoop in using the fiat currency we owe them and buy it all up (or at least demand the debts be paid in metals), including yours.

We're in a hole we can't get out of. But that's just my gut talking. Maybe its time for lunch.

Who asking permission?


Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

That's why I don't think

That's why I don't think buying precious metals is a good survival hedge.
Good financial hedge against a slow leak in the economic boat, but it's no panacea for a crash. You cannot depend on this dishonest and oppressive system to respect your right to free exchange.

Nor should you trust the government NOT to abolish gold. It's already happened before, in an era when the federal government was much smaller and less overreaching than today. If they have ridiculous laws against such things as 'food hoarding', you can bet gold confiscation is on the back burners.

I think silver is safer than gold, but who knows if they'll let you use it?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

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Every government that has

Every government that has depended upon Fiat Currency has always come to the same conclusion as the Fiat System collapses, that Sound Money is the only thing that can save both the economy and the government. Believe me, sooner or later they will have no choice but to concede that only Sound Money will do the job. It will be a painful and dangerous time during the ultimate collapse of the system, but it will provide an opportunity to the Remnant of Liberty-Loving People in this country to Restore the Republic. Now, I am not saying that that Republic will include all the present States or have the same borders, but there will be enough People willing to form a new country after the destruction of the economic collapse of the system.


"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun

I understand where you are coming from...

It does make sense....
But what do you speculate will happen? If the dollar has no value ...?

Yes, I think so. Makes

Yes, I think so. Makes sense. Why else would they be spending us into oblivion? Check out some of these links which shows a progression towards a North American Union and a North American currency(whether the Amero or whether they decide to call it something else).