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Be prepared~The cost of attending the National Convention.

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People have been saying it will cost **$3,000 to 5,000** to get to the National convention. This forum is to **DEBUNK **that ridiculous expense. Depending upon what part of the country you live in the expenses will include:

1) Travel: to the convention by air, bus, train, car, motorhome. Of course this can vary depending on where we are traveling from. Bus ticket about $200, airplane ticket about $500. Consider using credit card points for a free flight.

a) consider renting buses w/other delegates for a shared drive

2) Meals: during the convention the vendors, etc. usually mark the food costs up. $50 per day is an estimate, unless you attend the $150 per night dinners.

3) Room stay: The gop has designated rooms for you depending on which state you are from. You are NOT REQUIRED to stay at these rooms, you may stay with family, friends, or a less expensive location, or you could possibly consider getting a group together of motorhomes and share the expense. The majority of expense is if you stay at the hotel. The rooms can range from $250-$300 per night. Sharing a room will help and if you shared with three others that could cut the expense greatly. Also, some states have discount coupons for delegates, ask them! www.gopconvention.com. Also, check with your State gop office to find out if they are charging for the convention. My state is not charging at all. THERE IS NO CHARGE TO ATTEND FROM MOST STATES!! Also volunteer at the above site, this will make you stand out.

4) The National convention is from September 1-4, 2008, but it could possibly last longer. (please keep in mind you would probably need to arrive the day before) Make a nomination from the floor that the first votes are not bound to vote for a particular candidate, since so many have backed out!!

5) Get with your meetups and start a donation site or account NOW to get the ball rolling. We want to be prepared and NO ONE should be discounted because of the cost, everyone's vote should be as good as the next, WE MUST REPRESENT THE MINORITY AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH SOMEONE HAS ($$) SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR!!

6) Learn Robert's Rules or vote for who knows it and Volunteer for the GOP!!!!

I calculated from one of the farthest states, if you share a room it will cost aproximately $1600 to attend, if you get your own room it will cost about $2,400. That is with using a shuttle from the airport and meals costing about $50 per day, which can also be cut down. This is so important to calculate out and start a fundraising event to get YOUR NATIONAL DELEGATES THERE!! We have to be prepared because September will sneak up on us quickly and we NEED people to attend. Of course if you live closer it will not cost near that amount.

**The main thing is to go to your state convention and sell yourself as a great delegate to go to the Nationals and vote for other RP supporters. Get with your meetups and get those lists of delegates and vote them to attend the NATIONAL.

The point of this is to plan your trip after your state convention and you get your resume to the GOP to be a National delegate by the deadline. Aproximately 30+ for most states will get voted in, so get with your meetups to plan who would/could go, you may have someone that has the duckets, but does not have the time, someone has the time, but not the duckets, they should not be excluded!!

Now of course if you attend all the functions and you eat the $150.00 dinners and spend on "stuff" then you probably will spend $5 grand, but that is not what Ron Paul teaches us to do?

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Jinc suggests something and ducks

Because it sickens me that money will deter most people who dont go from going, I personally would be in support of having a kind of "chip in" reimbursement program. Maybe a "sponsor a patriot" drive. Perhaps a form that is filled out to determine if some qualifications are met, drafted in such a way to avoid fraud/abuse as much as possible and based on a sliding scale maybe partially reimburse some travel costs to help defray the blow even $1600.00 would have on most of our budgets. I am one who is strongly in favor of self-reliance and that activism is our duty- not something to be paid to do- but this isnt Woodstock and in this circumstance I can see the argument for something of an exception being made.

I'm going,

I'm not in a position to be an effective delegate for obligatory reasons. I allready know my employer is going to penalize me for missing this time from work, but I got a room booked at a Holiday Inn Ex. in I believe its called Minitonka MN. I can and would contribute to a chip-in, as long as the funds were issued correctly. Unlike the cash cards FEMA passed around New Oleans. I believe it is very important to support our fine delegates... How, Who, What and where do we build a plan? "Onward"

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What is it that someone posts?

Debt is slavery??