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'Time for Americans to start stockpiling food' Wall Street Journal

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X'mas in April!! Guess what arrived on my doorstep today via UPS

- Case A/Menu 1-12 MRE's (via Camp Pendleton surplus)

- Amazon RP book duo: "Manifesto.." & "FP of Freedom.."

and lastly:

- a Cuisinart Griddler Gourmet GR-4 (via Costco.com)

...I'm all set (sans a power blackout)!!!


Went to Costco yesterday.. 50lb rice is all out (!) but luckily

my Chinese gf who happens to run a resto brought me to her one of many wholesalers and..Viola! bought some 50 pounders at a discount.

She suggested the Kokuhu Yellow Extra Fancy Variety...Harvested in the good 'ol US of A (though a registered Democrat as she is, she's also a good patriot).

I'd bet the rice shortage definitely has to do with the current exchange rates..the Jasmine variety imported from Thailand mainly...

Buy American folks!! Buy USA rice!!

I have a story to tell about my local supermarket.

I decided to buy lots of cooking oil and see what happened. I was not disappointed although the results were not conclusive.

I loaded two gallons of olive oil and three gallons of the store brand vegetable oil into my cart along with my normal groceries. I put two gallons of vegetable oil on the conveyor belt first, then the rest of my normal groceries, and finally the two olive oils and third gallon of vegetable oil. Everything went without a hitch till the checkout clerk spotted the third gallon of vegetable oil. He looked at it, then at the two gallons that he had already tabulated. Then he reached below the counter and (apparently) activated a button. He proceeded to check the third gallon but then placed it aside, as if waiting for a supervisor to come and rule on the purchase. I had begun bagging my groceries before a bagger showed up. The checkout guy kept glancing around, apparently to see if a supervisor was coming. None came. I grabbed the gallon he had set aside and stuck it in my shopping cart, at which point he reached below the counter again to (I'm guessing) deactivate the button. No words were exchanged.

As I say, it wasn't conclusive, but surely supermarket chain officials would have taken note of the shortages and rationing at Sam's Club and Walmart stores and might naturally have briefed the lower ranks about what to do if a similar shortage or stockpiling were witnessed at member stores. So was the button business simply a request for a bagger that happened to coincide with the third gallon being noticed? Was the third gallon set aside just to make room for something else? I think the greater likelihood is that I had violated a brand-new, unpublicized anti-hoarding policy and was let go because no supervisor arrived in a timely fashion.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Anti-hoarding policy? Maybe....

Interesting story. I bet you're right.

Ann in Florida

Hmmm The Today Show

ran a short segment that included a reference to this WSJ article. The "expert" condemns stocking up as a bad idea. WHY?
Well, if America allows an inflation mentality to sink in, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. That is to say that our current inflation woes, by her opinion entirely caused by supply/demand issues, would be exacerbated by the decreased supply stocking up on staples would cause.

COSTCO.......here I come!

We're using RonPaulians.com

We're using RonPaulians.com to get organized for the March and State actions. Please spread the word :)

Very easy to use.


Be sure to put your profile on www.RonPaulians.com !!!

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Be sure to put your profile on www.RonPaulians.com !!!

A MySpace JUST for Ron Paul supporters with profiles, photo albums, chat, classifieds, events, blogs and more. Add video/music widgets etc.
Tell all Ron Paulians!!! :)

k, but

Fortune Favors the Bold

it is becoming increasingly obvios to me that TPTB (The powers tha be) want a globalfood panic. Why? I'm not exactly sure. But the Journal is Murdoch's paper, and i've seen similar reports from his global new syndicate. Maybe Murdoch has invested in alot of commodities and trying to recoup his losses from Foxnews going down the toilet. Who knows?

Fortune Favors the Bold

I think

they want to get everyone eating GM crops. Starvation makes frankenfoods seem more appealing.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

Yep, CODEX is just a control mechanism.

Susan, here is an interesting read. It's not about CODEX, but it does have to do with what the plutocracy plans to do with their hegemony for the long-term.


"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

We are "king of the world"

Great article....thanks for posting it.

Want oil? You gotta pay the tax and/or do as I say!

What's that? You're poor or oil rich and don't need oil...want food? (see above)

Plausible theory

It also makes the NAU seem more desirable, does it not?

"The body is but a vessel for the soul,
A puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny.
And lo, the body is not eternal,
For it must feed on the flesh of others,
Lest it return to the dust whence it came.
Therefore the soul deceives and despises."

Let me supply an answer: To

Let me supply an answer: To protect the viability of petroleum, versus ethanol and bio-diesel. TPTB are heavily invested in oil and other hydrocarbon fuels. They are not going to be lowering petroleum prices anytime soon, nor are they going to let up on the Global Warming propaganda that attacks hydrocarbons. So how can they protect oil from being gradually replaced by profitable farmer-grown fuels? Trigger a food shortage worldwide and concomitant media panic that attacks plant-based energy sources.

I have not seen a single article yet about global food shortages that did not at least partially blame biofuels. Do not be surprised if the next Congress and White House do not tax, or even abolish, biofuels.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

They like biofuels actually

Gives the idea that they are trying to do something, but they're not... corn for instance is a stupid biofuel staple. Splitgrass would be worlds better... but it is not a commodity.

They need an excuse to seem to be working on the energy crisis while still making petro-bucks. Besides, it is a nice smokescreen for the inflation rate... that way it's not the dollar tanking that makes food prices go up, it is those evil brown people with thier oil that we need to concentrate on.

Smoke and mirrors is all.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Yes, I noticed they quoted the Gov't CPI 4.5% Statistic

while noting a few specific prices (much higher percentage increases) and blamed increasing demand and bio-fuels with NO MENTION of inflation caused by the Fed figuratively printing money like a mad scientist.

The TV in the backgrond right now is running a blurb on storing some food being a good idea. So....."they" want everyone to store some food or it wouldn't be MSM. Wonder what's up??????

Why? Because you can make

Why? Because you can make money whether the market goes up or down, if you know where it is headed. You can make even more money if you can manipulate markets in order to move them in the direction that makes you the most money...


freeze dried food

I'm stocking up on freeze dried food. #10 can = 25 years shelf life


In reality, freeze dried

In reality, freeze dried lasts even longer than that. I'd say 25 years is a very conservative estimate.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

how do they taste?

never had one...



Haven't opened and tried :) Many choice from : pasta, eggs, veg, fruits, meats, rice ...you name it. Cooked & flashed freeze dried. Add some boiling water...ready to eat.

Or. you can purchase crackers, granola etc. Open & eat.

25 yrs is a great insurance plan. regular can food about 7 yrs or so.


It is funny

we all seem to zoom in on the same articles together. I read this and tried to post the link but it just would not come up, so thanks for doing it. You know when MSM is talking about this now, we are in for a wild ride.

every shopping trip for sev months now are 1/3 for storage.

Storage is everything. I opened up a stored jar of peanut butter today. Oops, stored too long.

I am keeping it simple as much of the "food" available is just GMO anyway. Grains and beans, pasta and sauce, jerky, chocolate, coffee cocoa, dry staples = no problem. Its meat, dairy and fresh food that worry me until I do get set up out of town. I did get by with powdered milk for a long time and the odd can. I can do that again. Still, there is only so much you can grow. I do not have a good drying set up (the oven is not so good) and that will have to be my next purchase. I'm looking.

Tobacco - who ever said that, Brilliant!! I am already on top of the whiskey situation, but I'll sure miss my beer, oh will I miss beer...sniff sniff, sob....


May I add...

among others, instant noodles to the mix. They're cheap easy to prepare and plentiful, at least around here where a 50lb rice bag sells for an arm and a leg...

This is a very helpful thread to get ready for my Costco trip tomorrow.

Guys, keep bumping this for others contemplating stocking up.

yeah getting really convenient foods is a good idea...

I just bought a whole case of those dried fruit bars that kids hate to get on Halloween, you know, the healthy treat :-)

but hey, they are full of all kinds of fruits and I think they last forever. Still, I have not tried one yet..


HAH! Two days ago, I made a run to my local Asian supermarket

to buy 2 family packs of Korean Shin Ramyun noodles on sale for $3.99/5 packs...(I'm a sucker for spicy food).

Guess I'm going back tomorrow (after my Costco run) for...4-5 boxes (!) I'll linger around the Asian place for more bargain dry foodstuffs...

Another thing good to get at Asian supermarket is

Miso. It makes all sorts of things taste better, especially stored food. And it lasts forever it seems in the fridge. I have had some for 2 years in my fridge and it is still good. A little goes a long way, in soups, casseroles etc.

Miso? You mean the Japanese miso in the thick plastic bag...

Miso is actually soybean/tofu based and yep they last...I buy em to make, of course miso soup (w/ Japanese seaweed/kelp).

I had a bag and God knows how long it stayed in my fridge.


When buying miso, it pays to really read the labels regarding sodium content --- some brands and varieties are LOADED with salt, extremely so to my taste. All misos will contain a fair amount of salt, but some have 3-5X as much as others. Plus, I find the lower sodium kinds to generally be of higher quality as well.

Yep the're loaded with NaCl, but this is why they last long...

And I do get the one with the least amount of that hydrophilic mineral...(avoiding for HTN potential).

I think stocking up on

I think stocking up on sugar, salt, coffee and tobacco is a good idea. (I think these items would be good for bartering when the dollar tanks completely.) I am a smoker and will be investing in a roller kit and lots of tobacco. Also need my beer so looking into brewing at home. Also suggest going to different stores for stocking up on staples and ammo. That way you don't draw any attention.

Formerly rprevolutionist