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Keyes in the 2000 Iowa caucuses, Paul in 2008

I can't find the article, but a google search of "Keyes Iowa Caucus" returns quite a few entries. If I remember right he came in second with 14%. I would note that it was mainly the work of one man who cajoled as many delegates to get to the caucuses and vote.

I was an Alan Keyes supporter in 2000, and he had a fraction of the exposure, name recognition, much less the supporters then as Ron Paul has now. Nor was the internet as integral to the process as it is now.

Paul and Keyes do share the philosophy of the founding fathers.

So is it possible for Paul to have a good showing in Iowa? Yes, and even a landslide. It begins this Saturday with the beauty contest put on by the Iowa GOP machine organizations, followed by truth and goodness at Paul's sponsored get together next door. I'm 3 hours away, but am carpooling to get there to show support.

Next is the 8/11 Iowa straw poll. And there will be more things in Iowa and New Hampshire and other early states. Avalanches can start very slowly. I get the impression even the Campaign is surprised at what is happening.

Our goal is not to be one-day heroes at some critical moment, but do the small daily things, the drudgery and grind, so that by the time the nomination process starts, Ron Paul is unstoppable. A check for a billion the day before won't help, but $20 here, pamphleteering there, lawn and road signs, every little bit every few days will gain a victory.

The internet is a paradox - instant information. Total choice. But that is only a tool, and it won't help without the old values of courage, humility, fortitude, and perseverance, which often mean things won't be instant nor will there be any choice but the toughest. Ron Paul has these and other virtues, and it will be our virtue more than our wealth that will bring about victory. With God all things are possible, but the prayers of the righteous availeth more.