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Warning- The Nevada State GOP rented the convention spot for TWO days

this was a comment from:



The title of this article is COMPLETELY misleading. The Ron Paul supporters were NOT the cause for the gathering being cut short. If those in charge had not allowed for things like us hearing about the Patriot Fund for almost an hour, or time to be killed in other ways (i.e. showing the same two videos a total of 7 times and actually acknowledged that they were killing time), then more work could have been accomplished. Blame the people running the convention who wasted incredible amounts of time, not the delegates.
Also, the 'indefinite recess' called for was very misleading. The party reserved the ballroom for yesterday AND today, and in that case all they had to say was that we would reconvene 'tomorrow'. The people in charge did not want to reconvene today, although they had already PAID for the room, because things were not going the way they wanted them to. This was not the fault of Ron Paul supporters, this was the fault of the party.

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Where in this article does it say ...

the NEV GOP rented the venue for two days?

quit spreading rumors

A message on a comment [like this one] is not a good source of information.

I would even say an article from any news organization is not a good source. I find mistakes ALL the time in News Articles.

Beers said they would announce a meeting place and time for the continuation of the convention. If they can't get enough people to show up, they can not change what has been done.

We were just at the Pepermill

It is 6:43pm Nevada time and we left the Peppermill about an hour / hour and a half ago. There was NO ONE at the ballroom when we left. I personally tried to get in the place and it was locked up. The whole area was empty including the bar, lobby and ice cream place next to it. I did not see anyone that looked liked they were affiliated with the GoP. We stayed at the Peppermill all day today and the place cleared out quickly. Paulette's recap below is pretty much on the money. I am in Sparks right now and we are headed back to the Peppermill. If something IS going on I will post everywhere needed. If not, you will not hear from me.

Everyone, we had a major victory here. Period... Take care and God bless.

What a bunch of scoundrels!

What a bunch of scoundrels!


Who are you JohnGault and how do you know this?

Who are you JohnGault and how do you know this?

Call the Casino if you don't

Call the Casino if you don't believe John. It's a simple way to refute or concur with his statement.

I do not wish to cause a problem ...

but this sounds suspicious and I doubt it is occurring. If you are from Nevada please find out and report back. Thanks.

You rhino are extremely


How doe the saying go....?

How do you take out your opponent? You don't, you get them from the inside......

We all have our roles.

No apology needed.

I would hate to see our comrads scurry out the door for

who knows how long of a drive, simply because of a prank. Just adding a little skepticism to the equation.

Our soldiers are there

that is why we haven't heard anything. Patience.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

so are our people there or

so are our people there or what?!

I hope so

Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold



These Anti-American McCain Supporters are...

hijacking democracy.

Join PyraBang the peoples search engine.

GOP = facists-R-us

that is, until the neo-cons get done self-destructing the party, then we can help rebuild it with the principles the good doctor espouses...

Sore losers

I hope to see the same antics at national convention.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Did anyone go there today to

Did anyone go there today to check on this? I wouldn't put it past them to do just that....seems they will go to any length, including fraud, to ensure the delegate process yields their desired outcome.

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

It's beginning...

We are finally getting hard proof of conspiracy and fraud. The people will finally begin to see that everything we've been saying it absolutely true.

"The body is but a vessel for the soul,
A puppet which bends to the soul's tyranny.
And lo, the body is not eternal,
For it must feed on the flesh of others,
Lest it return to the dust whence it came.
Therefore the soul deceives and despises."

Peppermill Meeting

HI Billyjack,
I was there from 8:30am this morning until 10:30am. When I first got there, there were well over 150 RP people in the lobby in front of the convention room. We waited to see if anything was going to happen and most had left by about 10 or so. Hotel staff seemed to be clearing out the meeting rooms and dismantling them. I just talked with one of the Meetup organizers who is "in the know" and he did not know anything about a meeting currently taking place. It is now 3PM. Anyone hear anything else definitive, please let us know. Yesterday was a farce and I wouldn't count on anything remaining "adopted"...like the platform...when and if the convention is reconvined.

Please people, don't forget, in Nevada, Mitt Romney took first...but he suspended his candidacy. Ron Paul took 2nd, so I believe we the delegates were acting correctly on the part of the people's wishes to throw our support to Ron Paul. This is the process...this was the fair and correct thing to do. I am quite upset with the media and the Nevada GOP making it seems as though the problems with the convention were the makings of those who support Ron Paul. All of those people who went to the caucuses and voted for Ron Paul will be disenfranchised if he does not garner a majority of delegates from the State of Nevada. I take deep offense that the GOP does not represent the will of the people and for trying to railroad this election.


Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much Paulette for this post, your principles, your dedication, your resolve to stand up for truth and freedom...Thank You! You are absolutely right about the potentially disenfranchised and/or defrauded voters of Nevada. Please know that there are many of us out here praying for you, lighting candles for you, and literally doing everything we can think of to work together and achieve this probably-most-important-in-all-our-entire-lives goal. We Will Not Give Up! What you folks have done this weekend is absolutely beautiful as well as cherished by all of us.

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

For Ron Paul and his supporters

it is my/our pleasure, I assure you. This is not a situation completely unique and all of us are trying to cope. Strategies are being played and we need to counter them to the best of our abilities. I have to add to my previous post that I am humbled, amazed and so appreciative of the activities, knowledege and support of so many young people we saw this weekend. There is hope for the future of our revolution...if they are any indication of what good can come from the "world through a younger person's eyes and understanding." I was so impressed.


Are there any Reno supporters that can check the location?

It would be great if someone could go to the location and report on-line what the status is.

I called the Peppermill in Reno

The dude said that are here. WHAT IS GOING ON????????


"Historically, revolutions are started by a select few, and are ignored by the mainstream for a long time — until they can no longer be ignored. That point has passed, and they can ignore us no longer". - Ron Paul

2:40 pm - I just called

2:40 pm - I just called Peppermill and something is going on. Leaving right now - arrive there in 20 min...