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Another misleading article by the Associated Press

"(AP) Republican Ron Paul to Crash Iowa Forum"
Associated Press Writer

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will add party crashing to his campaign tactics this weekend.

Have you had enough? Write to AP and tell them that when someone has a party, he invites his supporters, rents the hall and pays for the food, he's not 'crashing' anything.

At least the Boston Herald online had the good sense not to use that headline...however the first line of the article is still misleading and downright false.

This should be the second article AP should be required to pull.

You can write to the AP at info@ap.org

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A great article responding to AP article


This article is very good concerning this situation:

"AP uncritically reported groups' reasons for excluding Ron Paul from Iowa forum":


By the way, I found the above-article from the following update site for Ron Paul news stories:

"This Morning’s Ron Paul News"




My letter to AP

here's a copy of what I sent.

Your article "Republican Ron Paul to Crash Iowa Forum" does wonders to give me further reason to discount newspapers entirely.
when someone has a party, he invites his supporters, rents the hall and pays for the food, he's not 'crashing' anything.

The only explanations I can see for such behavior are 2, mindfully trying to alter reality to personal preference, which has no integrity whatsoever, or simply ignorance. I don't see that it matters which. If I were an editor, and somebody did something like this, I'd get security to help them pack. The fact that that hasn't been done already says the problem is endemic. Little wonder readership for the industry is shrinking.

Let the smear campaign begin

This article was more like an attack by an opposing canidate, I guess this is what passes for journalism these days. Anywho this is just the beginning and the longer we're in this campaign the worse it's going to get. Luckily for us Ron Paul's message is always clear and easy to defend. It's a constitutional thing.

Please cite the Constitutional authority for going to war without a declaration of war by congress.

Here's my email

Good day,

I recently read Amy Lorentzen’s AP article entitled “Republican Ron Paul to Crash Iowa Forum”. The headline seems a bit misleading as I checked with the Paul campaign and they replied that their event is not only in a different conference room, albeit in the same building as the candidates’ forum, but also at a different time – it doesn’t begin until after the candidates’ forum ends. Different location and different time - I don’t see how that is in any way “crashing” the Forum.

I offer this correction in the interest of a fair and accurate press.

Read the whole article

Oddly enough, when I read the actual article, I think it actually has a fairly positive spin. I think only the headline is misleading (of course, only if you think crashing a party is a bad thing). I think it was just someone trying to be clever and not necessarily negative. Although it comes off that way if you just read the headline.

I wrote to AP yesterday

The first I saw this article was on Google, which about 6, "more like this", grouped. I responded to the SFGate article and when finished, noticed the jump in the Google group. That's when I decided to write to AP. I told AP: RE: Warning AMY LORENTZEN, You have FAILED the RON PAUL for TRUTH test. Ron Paul stands for TRUTH, so when you publish an article that is NOT the truth, you fail the RON PAUL for TRUTH test. Ron Paul and his supporters are not "crashing" the private "party debate" held in Iowa. They have rented their own hall, and are throwing a RALLY to show Ron Paul that many Americans see him as THE ONLY CREDIBLE CANDIDATE. Ron Paul supporters will have a great time at their RALLY FOR RON PAUL and watch the "private debate" in Iowa from a safe distance. I hope Amy Lorentzen can join the RALLY and learn some TRUTH.

Party Crashers are the Life of the Party

Today is the day of my amazing good fortune!

Today is the day of my amazing good fortune!

Media bias

Here's the comment I sent to CBS's site on their running this hit piece.

Boy oh boy, how low can you go? Why do you have to put a negative spin on anything to do with Dr. Ron Paul? So you're just doing your MSM part in the MSM's effort to minimize and ignore Dr. Paul's campaign. Why won't you treat Dr. Paul fairly? This is your country too, do you really like the direction we've been heading, and will continue to head, if one of the "ANNOINTED ONES" gets elected? Don't you think it's time we had an honest man in the White House, wouldn't that be a refreshing change? Come on, give the man a break, he's the only one out there who would actually make a difference. If any one else gets elected, it will just be business as usual, and we really can't afford it. What ever happened to "Truth, Justice, and the American Way"?

Kenneth R. Kruse

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