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Citywide Alex Jones DVD Endgame hand out - Chip in help needed

we are handing out sets of Infowars DVD's to every house in Sioux Falls, SD (150,000 people). Could you imagine the results? It's a great way to wake people up to the New World Order and the damage done.
Please help me to get this job done.
All DVD's have lables directing people to infowars and Ron Paul websites. South Dakota is the last primary and we will have the highest % of Ron Paul votes. There is a LOT of support here but we are not stopping.


I am only asking for $200 but if this gets good response we will produce more for other SD cities. Please donate $1 to $5 or more if you can.
Thank you!!

I am mainly copying Endgame, Matrix of evil (that one has Alex listing all the documents) and Terrorstorm.
Last is Richard Gauge's Architects for truth.
I am handing out 2-per home - All get Endgame and then a random 2nd one.
If you want to win the battle you need the numbers on your side. this will surly do the trick.

All DVD's will have discriptions on the outside. Also I may start making CD copies of Alex's daily show. I am currently doing that for close neighbors.

It's costing me about $0.62 per DVD so 40 households would cost me $49.00 for 200 houses (first target) = $248.00 not including gas and other material needed for distribution.
If I can really step up the program I would like to do the same in Omaha.
Thanks for helping us in South Dakota!

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We are sooo lucky

That the NWO is behind schedule.

Don't do it..!!

A Blueprint for Wake Up.

Aaron Russos: Freedom to Fascism is MUCHHHHHHH BETTER than Endgame.. Endgame is a Massive pill, and people are gonna choke.

Seriously, plus America: Freedom to Fascism has RON PAUL IN IT.

If you go ahead with this, well intentioned, albeit very misguided project,.. don't tie Ron Paul's name to it ANYWHERE.

Though I've purchased EndGame®

I believe the drama is slightly what it is. You are right in my opinion [conza88] thank you.

What you believe too be true, is true too you... :-)

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

I appreciate the help and advice!

Thanks for the $$!!
Please dont forget about us in S. Dakota! Our primary is next and we can follow the sucess of my home state of NE!!

And thank you for the advice but the reason I choose ENDGAME because it's one of the few that allows you to mass copy without breaking the law and there is a bibliography available for those who need more evidence. Not only that but several references are cited.
I agree freedom to fascism is the best intro film but you have to buy those yet I did give out 50 authorized copies on the 15th.
The other Alex Jones one I like is Terror Storm which exposes OK City and the London bombings. That one reminds us that in OKC (I was in Dallas so I saw the news most didnt see) - that there were indeed other bombs in the building - reported that they were found and the ATF took the day off but then it was all forgotton. Why? People need to become familiar to the word Pretext as I won't be doing follow-up DVD distributions so I got to gamble up here. SOuth Dakota is a lot less urban than Dallas was so people here already are in opposition with Washington (except for the fools in Brookings who like Daschle).

I just saw another film on Monsanto and the GMO food problem, that really opened my eyes and I may seek permission to copy that one for this project as it will tie in the fact that we do have the power if we vote by the products we use and that more people will start to question their local leaders.

I will also consider including a slip to direct people to buy Ron Paul's new book as well.
Please continue to send funds as only two have contributed.

Seriously.. giving sheep

Seriously.. giving sheep endgame is not gonna do SHIT.
I really don't think you've thought out the cognitive dissonance process.. read my article link above. And then articles about it below.

You hand out 150,000 Endgames.. you're not going to get anywhere near 15,000 converts to the RP cause. The Freedom cause.

You hand out 150,000 America : Freedom to Fascism. You're going to get 150,000 converts. Seriously.

Just burn it if you have to. OR sign up here: http://www.freedomtofascism.com/volunteer/volunteer.html
Copyright © 2006 Aaron Russo.. It's overdue.. ;)

It's not just Endgame

I am including an explination sheet, links, (Back-up to Lee Iacocca's book and quotes - "Martial law in a year"), description lables on the DVDs and a 2nd random DVD on police state or material regarding to the loss of rights. Freedom to fascism just didnt carry long term for me. It lacks the "where to go now". ENDGAME says - listen to infowars.com daily to keep up on what's going on, research "Bilderberg" and Jim Tucker. The halfway point of ENDGAME is pretty clear. I've already tested it on friends and co-workers with good results.
One small purpose is to get Alex on the local radio here. Right now on the show is Robert Gaylon Ross discussing in detail the 1929 stock market crash and the manipulation on our society today. Please listen to the show now. I learned about Ron Paul through this medium and want to expose this to others.

A better version on the central banks is another free non copyrite work called Monopoly Men which I am including, Look for it in the other videos section at infowars.com.
Some people like football and others like airplanes. What works for one may have no effect on another - thus the TWO dvd's I include. I'm not going to jail so Im not including Freedom to Fascism. Copyrites dont have to be updated. I did sign-up but you still have to buy the DVD's which I did.
I'm sticking with my main plan unless I get donations to pay for the Freedom to Fascism, then in that case I will include that too!

I guess my problem is I lived in Texas most my life where the NWO or global plan is out there in the open for those to put 2&2 together plus I never had cable TV so it was easier to learn the truth.

A word of unsolicited advice.....

First of all I commend your amazing efforts. What you are doing is where the rubber meets the road...You have my utmost respect...
I don't know how many DVD's you have burned,but I am not so sure I would lead with endgame.
IMHO america freedom to fascism works better to ease people into the water. You can't just immediately club them over the head with 90% poulation reduction. Alex takes some getting used to...believe me ,I have know him for the last ten years or so...
There is a new film out called "Washington you're fired"...It is supposed to be an even easier to digest truth oriented film. I have heard it is better than F2Fascism in the sense of introducing people to what is going on.
I would propose an appetizer of Washington you're fired, America Freedom 2 fascism, 9/11 mysteries,9/11 road to tyranny, and then endgame. Or something like that....but endgame last as it is somewhat boring,but hardcore none the less.
Point is...start with something that they can relate, to while getting an understanding of their suspicions.
Ease them into the water gently,as you will be taking everything they have been taught since childhood, and turning it upside down and shaking it violently. .
Best of luck and you will get a donation from me as well...

The Second Amendment
The ORIGINAL Homeland Security

Endgame is a big no, no.

That documentary is for very advanced conspiracy theorists.

The average person is not a conspiracy theorist and will never be.
I'd suggest Freedom to Fasc like the above user.

Just gave you your

first $10. Anyone else? Good Luck and keep up the great work.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

We take supplies too.

If you have dvd's to pass out that will work as well. You could also mail them to us. Contact me at zappatx@yahoo.com
Blank DVD's and sleeves would also be nice.