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The Amazing Growth of the Daily Paul

Thank you, everyone for your continued support of Ron Paul and the DailyPaul.com. For the first time ever, last week the site passed 4,000 visitors in one day, and not two days later passed 5,000. Yesterday, thanks in part to the bump from the Wired News article that mentioned the site, we hit an all time high of 5236 visitors in one day. This is 100% growth since the end of May, and tremendous growth from back in February, when Ron Paul's grandson Matt Pyeatt started blogging on the site. Back then, 400 visitors was a good day!

Of course these figures are just reflecting the larger trend moving through society. There is a hunger for truth that is not being fulfilled by MSM and the current political leadership. Ron Paul just passed 18,000 YouTube subscribers. This is tops, by far, of any of the candidates.

According to these comments, many, many people are hearing about Dr. Paul for the first time in the debates, then going on-line to do more research.

Recently I was contacted by 80108 a youth-targeted, Boston-based mobile media firm about writing a text message channel devoted exclusively to Ron Paul's 2008 campaign! That should ramp up in early July and will mean even more awareness spreading through society.

First and foremost, thank you, Dr. Paul for being our voice. Thank you everyone for helping to spread the word and amplify the message. Whatever you're doing, keep it up. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself and have fun!

My best regards,
Michael Nystrom

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Here's why it would work

The easiest way to see it is to say there are, for example, 1000 people in the US. Then the "2%" is 20 people.

Step 1.
Those 20 supporters get 5 others. That makes 20*5 = 100 new supporters. Together with the original 20, that makes 120. The percentage then is 120/1000 = 12%.

Step 2.
Then the 120 supporters each get 4 new supporters. That makes 120*4 = 480 new supporters. Adding that to the original 120 makes 600 people. The percentage is then 600/1000 = 60%.


It's a wonderful thing to see so many people rally to Ron Paul's campaign messages and contribute to Daily Paul

What must be emphasized, however: it is ESSENTIAL that each Ron Paul supporter REGISTER AS A REPUBLICAN, in order to vote in the primary elections. It is very easy to do!


Go to the above site and register! You won't be able to vote in the primary election in your state unless you do.

Internet support is terrific, but it is the VOTES that ultimately matter.

reply to a friend who had doubts

I received an e-mail from a friend in which he stated:
"I'm a natural-born US citizen and a Ron Paul supporter, but I'm getting really freaked out.. I feel like we might've crossed the point of no return from irreversible tyranny (ie., Federal Reserve/IRS, The Patriot Act I and II , The recent ammending of the Insurrection Act of 1807 allowing the President to declare Martial Law at his whim, suspencion of Hebeas Corpus, the North American Union, etc., etc.,) and I should just give up."

My reply:

I would say to you that we are AT the point of no return, but if we give up now we will cross the point of no return without a FIGHT. This election will decide which direction our Republic will go. DON'T GIVE UP, I'M NOT. By our individual efforts we have already made an impact.

It's always darkest before the dawn. Valley Forge was a pretty dark moment before the dawn.

No battle was fought at Valley Forge. Yet, it was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. It was here that the Continental army was desperately against the ropes — bloody, beaten, battle-weary — and ready to quit. Even General Washington conceded, "If the army does not get help soon, in all likelihood it will disband."
The question must be asked, "Why didn't they disband?"

We know what happened here. Early into the six-month encampment, there was hunger, disease, and despair. Raw weather stung and numbed the soldiers. Empty stomachs were common. Cries of "beef" echoed throughout the camp. The future promised only more desperation and starvation.

Some couldn't take the cold, hunger, and uncertainty any longer. There were dozens of desertions. Disease debilitated. Death descended in droves.

But by February the weather eased somewhat — moving from brutal to merely miserable. In March, General Nathanael Greene was appointed head of the dismal Commissary Department and magically food and supplies started to trickle in. By April, Baron von Steuben, a quirky mercenary who was not really a baron, began to magically transform threadbare troops into a fighting force. Also in April, the Conway Cabal, a plot to remove George Washington from power, was quashed for good. May, brought news of the French Alliance, and with it the military and financial support of France.
On June 19, 1778, exactly six months after they Americans arrived, a new army anxious to fight the British streamed out of Valley Forge toward New Jersey. They had been transformed from Rebel into a Mature Army.

At Valley Forge, we read of words like "sacrifice" and conjure up images of bloody footprints, but the concept of suffering for FREEDOM isn't easily understood

This moment in history and our campaign to elect Ron Paul President of the United States of America and return to the Constitutional "rule of law" that our forefather suffered and died for is now OUR Valley Forge.

I wish you God Speed.

Your brother in arms,


I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.
Thomas Jefferson

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams


Another key point at Valley Forge was that Washington, himself, stayed with the men. He ate, slept and suffered right along with them. He could have easily retreated to better surroundings, but didn't. That's the true mark of a leader. He gained enough respect to keep them together in the most trying of times.

Ron Paul Highest Growth Rate

That’s right. If we don’t act, we’ll look back at this time and wish we had. Never mind their poles. Those media interests were not purchased for nothing. But never underestimate the enemy. It’s best to work as if the lowest poles were accurate. That makes us work much harder.

If each of us (the "2%") gets 5 solid supporters (meaning: contact 10, get 6 who’ll vote, of which 5 will work), then we’ll have:

2% + 5*2% = 12%

Then those each get 4 new supporters. That will make:

12% + 4*12% = 60%

That will win the election by a landslide. Our real asset is not "current popularity;" it’s the high success rate of our campaign. It’s the same as compound interest with a much higher interest rate than all the other candidates. What’s more, from the data I’ve watched in the last couple of days, even our "interest rate" keeps climbing, unlike those of the other candidates, which are flat. So, as with any investment, start as early as possible, to allow time for the people you bring in to work too.

You could just hand people a slip of paper with Ron Paul’s voting RECORD ("Never voted to raise taxes," etc.) and good websites listed. Say simply 4 words: "Check this guy out." (I think it’s better to list his record than his beliefs, because people are used to politicians lying about their beliefs.) Also mention that he’s now the most popular candidate on the Internet. Don’t bother talking issues with them. It just wastes time. Let them learn at their leisure. Ron is more eloquent. I find it best NOT to try to guess what they’re interested in. They’ll find it online; Dr. Paul’s message has something for nearly everyone. I bet the other side wishes they could sell their candidates that easily. The other side may have TV at their disposal, but their advertising is also many times more expensive, in terms of required brainwashing hours. What's more, all their expense in obtaining the mind of a voter can go up in smoke instantly and permanently with just a brief contact with our side, the truth that is. So their group of voters is a very fragile commodity for them. That's why they protect their voters’ minds so ferociously, as we have seen. Once people have read Ron Paul, nearly all are impervious to slogans, image, and hype. The astronomical growth rate on the side of truth proves this.

Ron Paul has shown us how to be brave. Now we know what a statesman looks like! ... how to examine candidates! One of the reasons for his bravery is his clean conscience. In the words of Sir Galahad, his "strength is as the strength of ten" because his "heart is pure" [as revealed by his record]. Let’s follow his lead.

I just discovered Ron Paul last week. I feel like Kenny Loggins when he sang, "This is it!"

I don't think it would work

I don't think it would work that way with percentages, but I get the idea ;)

Here's why it would work

The easiest way to see it is to say there are, for example, 1000 people in the US. Then the "2%" is 20 people.

Step 1.
Those 20 supporters get 5 others. That makes 20*5 = 100 new supporters. Together with the original 20, that makes 120. The percentage then is 120/1000 = 12%.

Step 2.
Then the 120 supporters each get 4 new supporters. That makes 120*4 = 480 new supporters. Adding that to the original 120 makes 600 people. The percentage is then 600/1000 = 60%.