Tonight Show - Tomorrow!

Ron Paul will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno October 30, 2007. Check local listings for stations and times and TUNE IN! Also, send flowers to show your support!

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no overnight line

I checked at midnight and no one was in line yet, i was going to post a pic with detailed directions that might want to join, but it doesn't seem that < img is an acceptable HTML tag

so much for my first post

\ plz post a pic... that

plz post a pic... that would be funny im sure its not huge.
"Trade with all nations, alliance with none, should be our policy"

-Thomas Jefferson

"Trade with all nations, alliance with none, should be our policy"

-Thomas Jefferson

Daylight savings ends on

Daylight savings ends on November 4th. Not to worry.

Motion Picture Flowers must be flipping out at all your floral support! It's just a little storefront...want me to post a picture?! I work right down the street from there.

Yes please!

PLEASE post a picture!

Can you get us a current arrangment count?

Even better, Syren123, can you get us a current arrangement count? It would be nice to know how we're doing number-wise with the orders. Last I heard, it was in the 90's...

Sure. I'll ask when I take

Sure. I'll ask when I take their picture.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I jumped the gun!

Okay - Sorry, I jumped the gun! The original headline was that he was going on tonight. I was out late last night celebrating the Red Sox winning the World Series - yeah!!! - and put that post up last night before I hit the sack. I looked at the date on my computer and saw it was Oct. 29, and thought, "tomorrow when people read this, it'll be the 30th," not realizing it already was tomorrow! Whoops! Thanks for correcting me.

But he IS right about "please send flowers"

This is the good Dr.'s shot at 10 MILLION VIEWERS, easily the largest viewing audience he's had to-date. It would be a nice and very classy gesture to order some flowers (per the Flower Shower campaign here on the site) to show The Tonight Show our appreciation for giving Ron this platform.

Jay is a very cordial host, so I have no doubt he will put Ron in the best light possible (eat your heart out FOX News--literally). With Tom Cruise leading the show that night talking about his new "war" film (great timing), this should really give Ron a great platform for the night's interview with 70% of the public against the war, many of whom may not know about Ron or heard the Dem's blabber about "all the Republicans supporting the war."

Want to show Ron and The Tonight Show your support? Then as FTD used to tell us..."Say it with FLOWERS" :-)

I just said it with flowers

They said we're over 90 orders. The girl was very-nice, and for a small extra charge she let me add a can of Spam to my flower-order. :) I want her to vote for Dr. Paul, too!


SPAM Ron Paul T-shirts and a SPAM endorsement.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

haha... that was funny but

haha... that was funny but lets go easy on this person, the anticipation can be much. looking forward to 11/5

All in fun

I'm sure the poster knows it's all in fun. Of course, there ARE some people who set their clocks back an hour yesterday, not remembering the new rule is to fall back on the first Sunday in November instead of the last Sunday in October (or they are being held hostage by the programming in their old VCR).

Which reminds me that it is time to change the battery on my fire alarm.

Ok McFly

Did someone forget to apply their DST (Daylight Savings Time) patches?

Can't wait

We're not too excited about this, are we? ;-)

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It needs a doctor!
Dr. Ron Paul *** RX for Freedom

Darn that lousy alarm clock!

OMG, I forgot to turn the clock forward 24 hours for Daylight Savings Time and still have Monday on my clock!


Tonight Show Tonight! (10/30/2007)
Posted October 29th, 2007