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#RonPaul IRC Channel on Freenode now open.

I don't know how many of you have ever used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) but it is a great way to communicate in realtime with people from diverse corners of the world. It is standard for many Free Software / Open Source projects to use it to collaborate. In that spirit I have created an IRC channel on Freenode for us to use to discuss/promote Dr. Paul's candidacy: #RonPaul.

I will be moderating the channel as best as I can but I ask that we simply keep it courteous and civil. In order to use this you will need to get an IRC client for your system but for those using Mozilla, Firefox, or Seamonkey (or a close derivative) there is a plugin that makes it all rather easy here. Once you have it installed then click on the link above and come join the discussion. :)

I've just been informed of a java client that runs in a web browser here:
Just fill out the Nickname field and click connect. (Thanks tomaw :-)

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IRC log and introduction:

Mar 13 15:40:37 * josh_m ( has joined #RonPaul
Mar 13 15:41:12 <RiverRat> josh_m: Hey
Mar 13 15:41:26 <josh_m> newbie here
Mar 13 15:41:38 <RiverRat> It's a brand new channel so there aren't any people yet.
Mar 13 15:41:48 <RiverRat> Some have joined but leave a few minutes later.
Mar 13 15:42:03 <josh_m> very cool
Mar 13 15:42:05 <RiverRat> josh_m: Well if there is anything I can help with let me know.
Mar 13 15:42:17 <josh_m> Much appreciated
Mar 13 15:42:36 <RiverRat> I'm hoping that it grows to a place where we can all sit and idle and just trade links with each other about what is going on.
Mar 13 15:43:03 <josh_m> that's great
Mar 13 15:43:15 <RiverRat> I'm about to add a comment to the dailypaul telling people that they have to stick around so we can build up a group.
Mar 13 15:43:38 <RiverRat> Some of the channels I'm in have just a few people and one of them has 1000 people. :)
Mar 13 15:43:53 <josh_m> sorry if this is a stupid question, but why not just start a room in a chat forum such as yahoo?
Mar 13 15:44:13 <RiverRat> Um, because this is the network I'm on most of the day.
Mar 13 15:44:29 <RiverRat> I'm not opposed to a yahoo room but I've never actually been in one.
Mar 13 15:44:42 <josh_m> I said it was a stupid question....
Mar 13 15:44:48 <RiverRat> * [RiverRat] #gentoo-userrel #ubuntu #gentoo-chat #gentoo-council #gentoo-java #gentoo-desktop #gentoo-games #gentoo-in #gentoo-x86 #gentoo-doc @#gentoo-staff #paludis #gentoo-forums ##linux +#gentoo-dev ##politics #politics +#freenode-social @#RonPaul @#gentoo-unregistered ##half-full #gentoo-bugs #gentoo-server #gentoo-vps #gentoo-dev-help +#init @##Riverrat @#gentoo-ops #gentoo #gentoo-amd64
Mar 13 15:45:05 <RiverRat> See? I'm in a few other channels on this network. :)
Mar 13 15:45:27 * RiverRat gives voice to josh_m
Mar 13 15:46:01 <RiverRat> Have you read Dr. Paul's weekly column? The link is in the topic.
Mar 13 15:46:08 <josh_m> I didn't know anything about freenode before today...
Mar 13 15:46:14 <RiverRat> /topic <-- That gets it for you.
Mar 13 15:46:43 <RiverRat> josh_m: It is actually really large but it is mostly for open source projects like Linux and such.
Mar 13 15:47:21 <josh_m> sorry for another stupid're part of freenode, right...?
Mar 13 15:47:59 <RiverRat> Anyway, in the beginning you can just sit around and it is low traffic. Hopefully we can have meetings and such to organize toward certain goals.
Mar 13 15:48:22 <RiverRat> josh_m: No, I'm part of Gentoo ( but that is hosted on Freenode.
Mar 13 15:49:03 <josh_m> ok
Mar 13 15:50:16 <josh_m> what are some of the topics in the other channels..?
Mar 13 15:50:52 <RiverRat> /msg chanserv list <-- That will get you a list but I'll warn you it is going to be huge.
Mar 13 15:51:09 <josh_m> lol,,,ok...
Mar 13 15:51:30 <josh_m> is this the sole Ron Paul channel..?
Mar 13 15:51:43 <RiverRat> Mostly Free Software development but there are some others. ##politics seems to have a reasonably well educated group of people but #politcs is full of kids I think.
Mar 13 15:52:17 <RiverRat> To my knowledge, on this network, yes. I would have joined another instead of creating one if I'd have known of one.
Mar 13 15:52:49 <josh_m> sure...
Mar 13 15:52:54 <RiverRat> /join ##politics <-- That is how to join another channel.
Mar 13 15:53:19 <RiverRat> There are also a lot of channels that are just random chit-chat.
Mar 13 15:53:46 <josh_m> Like I said, this forum is completely new to me, so please forgive my basic questions...
Mar 13 15:54:10 <RiverRat> I figured it would be new to most people.
Mar 13 15:54:37 <josh_m> if i click on one of the links above, will it take me out of this channel..?
Mar 13 15:54:52 <RiverRat> Another reason that I didn't choose Yahoo is that I didn't want them to take control of it. This channel I'm willing to run by consensus.
Mar 13 15:55:06 <josh_m> gotcha
Mar 13 15:55:26 <RiverRat> Kinda, you will enter the other channel but you won't leave this one.
Mar 13 15:55:39 <josh_m> ok
Mar 13 15:56:13 <RiverRat> And if someone uses your nickname then you will get a highlight or a blinking something on your screen.
Mar 13 15:56:20 <josh_m> are you with
Mar 13 15:56:27 <RiverRat> josh_m: Notice the difference if I use you nick?
Mar 13 15:56:53 <RiverRat> I'm the same RiverRat that posted the link but I'm not associated with it anymore than being a member.
Mar 13 15:57:24 <josh_m> it's all coming together for me..thank you for your patience
Mar 13 15:59:00 <RiverRat> Not a problem. I'm in #gentoo and that is also many people's first foray into IRC too.
Mar 13 15:59:14 <RiverRat> And there are 1000 people in there at any given time.
Mar 13 15:59:26 <RiverRat> 1047 right now. :)
Mar 13 15:59:56 <RiverRat> And IRC has been around much longer than Yahoo too.
Mar 13 16:01:26 <josh_m> very cool...
Mar 13 16:02:03 <josh_m> this should be a great channel, once more come on board...
Mar 13 16:03:17 <RiverRat> Anyway, I leave it running when I'm doing other things and then if someone wants to ask me a question they simply use my name and my computer beeps. Realtime communication without phone calls. Very helpful when people all over the country/world want to coordinate things.
Mar 13 16:04:16 <josh_m> that's another thing I need to do you direct a question to a specific user...?
Mar 13 16:05:11 <RiverRat> josh_m: Just use their name in the line like I did here. Notice how it beeps when I use your nick?
Mar 13 16:05:43 <RiverRat> Oh, and <TAB> completes nicks in most IRC clients. So type riv<TAB> and it should expand to RiverRat.
Mar 13 16:06:48 <josh_m> riv<TAB> ok...
Mar 13 16:07:14 <RiverRat> Replace <TAB> with the tab key and try it again. :)
Mar 13 16:07:28 <josh_m> RiverRat: lol
Mar 13 16:07:35 <RiverRat> Much better. :)
Mar 13 16:08:06 <josh_m> I'm an Austrian geek, not a tech geek, as you can surmise..
Mar 13 16:09:16 <RiverRat> But you are from Austria? And you keep track of American politics? Nice. :)
Mar 13 16:09:36 <josh_m> I meant Austrian
Mar 13 16:10:57 <RiverRat> Ah, ok.
Mar 13 16:11:57 <RiverRat> josh_m: Do you think this will help?
Mar 13 16:12:09 <RiverRat> You should be able to click directly on that link above.
Mar 13 16:21:23 <RiverRat> josh_m: It is considered polite to ask if someone cares before you paste things from one channel somewhere else. So I'd like to paste our conversation as a comment on the for others, is that ok with you?
Mar 13 16:21:53 <josh_m> please be my guest...
Mar 13 16:22:21 <josh_m> can I change my screen name, so I don't use my real name...?
Mar 13 16:23:08 <RiverRat> /nick <new-nick> <-- sure, just like that.

Dr. Ron Paul to save America in 2008!!
co-founder / co-operator of the #RonPaul IRC channels on
Freenode, EFnet, OFTC, Undernet, & Solitox.


I've seen a few of you drop in today but not stick around. In the beginning it will be a slow traffic channel but I'm hoping that we get a group of regulars and some topics of regular conversations so that it isn't so slow in there. It can also be used to have a meeting at a set time so we could discuss something of importance.

For example, let's say Dr. Paul was coming to Hometown, USA. We could post a note on the DailyPaul about his visit and then call for everyone local to join in there at 3:00 EST a week before his arrival so we could coordinate the news comments from supporters, how we are going to get the public there, the handing out of any information his campaign would like help with, etc..

It is also very useful for quick things too. Like popping in and going "Where was that link to Dr. Paul talking about the Federal Reserve again?" Or "Is his latest weekly column out yet?" and "Who has a link to it?" (And I've been putting the links to his daily columns in the channel's topic.) I'm helping someone get comfortable with it right now and I think the next comment may just be a log so others get the idea. Anyway...

RiverRat a/k/a
Tres M.

Dr. Ron Paul to save America in 2008!!
co-founder / co-operator of the #RonPaul IRC channels on
Freenode, EFnet, OFTC, Undernet, & Solitox.