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Grass Roots Efforts Work - Immigration Bill DOA

An update for those who haven't heard yet - the attempt to shove an amnesty bill down the throats of Americans has failed in the U.S. Senate. The people of American rose up and faxed, called, emailed, and wrote letters to their representatives in Congress. Fearing the backlash of the people, 18 senators who previously voted yes to pass this legislation, switched their vote to "NO". Chalk one up for the people. Next on the agenda - Get Congressman Paul nominated as the Republican nominee for President. The fact that the American people are getting jolted awake by the crass actions of our current president should help put Ron Paul in the White House.

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Illegal immigration

Tom Tancredo has as very good record against illegal immigration. Unfortunately, he's right there with George Bush in his advocacy for perpetual war in the middle east.

So Ron Paul it is.

Missed a Hugh Opportunity

In every interview Ron never speaks on Illegal Immigration 80% of Americans are opposed to Illegal Immigration. I feel he missed out on a golden opportunity to pick up alot of voters given it has been either the #1 or#2 issue in the country the past few years. I have heard many many
people call c-span and say if they only had someone who was against this bill. I felt Ron has the strongest stand on the issue of all candidates of either party and yet millions do not know his stance on it or even the bill he has in the house H.J.RES.46 : Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to deny United States citizenship to individuals born in the United States to parents who are neither United States citizens nor persons who owe permanent allegiance to the United States.
Sponsor: Rep Paul, Ron [TX-14] (introduced 6/13/2007) Cosponsors (6)
Committees: House Judiciary
Latest Major Action: 6/25/2007 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties.
Someone should tell him to address the issue some many are looking for leaders on this issue. The mention of the bill shows Ron in action and trying to do something about it

Events aligning like planets and momentum building.

Certain situations are developing and giving grass roots efforts opportunities to build there confidence. We the People are coming alive thanks to a bump by Ron Paul. Like a breath of fresh air Liberty is once again on the horizon. Together, a growing and confident We the People, can place Dr. Paul in the White House.

Talk Radio

Talk radio played a crucial role in stopping the Senate bill. So far, talk radio has largely ignored Dr. Ron Paul. We need to figure out how to change the opinion of the talk radio producers and owners. We need to figure out how to get them to see the light. I hope I'm making myself clear. Listeners calling and emailing with, "Please interview Ron Paul" is not enough. People need to write in and explain WHY Ron Paul is the best candidate and WHY those at talk radio should be interviewing him . . . and supporting him.

Maybe I'll put this in the forum topic. But my main point, talk radio galvanized the people. We need to find a way to open up talk radio to Dr. No so the people will get stirred up about his campaign.


An Idea

One idea I have is that we push Dr. Ron Paul and ALSO push his IDEAS! If WE THE PEOPLE get out and get vocal for Dr. Paul's issues and get the news outlets behind the issues then Dr. Paul will stand out as the one who got the ball rolling! Let’s use our vocal support to take a stand on the issues! Like Anti-war for example? Let’s petition and write congress make a lot of noise about the issues! Maybe we might get more attention by bringing the issues to the attention of the media? Of course we need to stay strong with the support for Dr. Paul also! JeanH

Yes, the people do have the

Yes, the people do have the power to effect change.

Yes, we do have the power to get Ron elected.

The support that has built up for Ron, and his message, is never going to go away. Whether he is President or not.

I think the moral of this story is we do not have to wait until Ron gets elected. We just have to take personal responsibility to do what it takes to make our voices heard NOW.

any websites to expand our voice on other House & Senate votes?

I know that many people used websites that offer free alerts and faxing to Congress members, to efficiently manage their time sending their opinions related to amnesty and visas to get high tech jobs. The question is -- are there websites, for free or for subscription, that I can use to send feedback to House of Representatives members to tell them that I want them to vote like Congressman Ron Paul? I have read that Ron Paul's staff read the bills and determine their voting position based on the Constitution. If there was a place for me to know what that voting position was, then I could start faxing to get support.

any websites to expand our voice on other House & Senate votes?

check out DownsizeDC.org