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MP3 RonPaulAudio Fundraiser Thank you!

I want to thank these supporters of RonPaulAudio for
helping me on the very first day of raising funds. It's very encouraging to have the community support to improve the site.

Jeff Moe
David Morrow
Robert Kuhn
William Masur
Bruce Morton
Marc Gallagher
chite chen

Even tho it's intended to be an audio/mp3 site....the videos are what's getting the attention and interest. People are attracted to them and they are the most powerful tools in cementing a "converted/converting" voter.
These videos are the "cream" imo of Youtube... presented with .jpg "covers" that just simply attract the visitors' curiosity.
They really work!
(exceptwhen they don't stream....hahahahahahhh)

I will gladly continue to donate my time to keep the site as close to "breaking" news as possible as well as a thorough and exhaustive archive of RP speeches and interviews.

Maybe a dozen more donations will provide the cushion I need to bank against the monthly bill increase for streaming bandwidth hosting. This ONE push should (hopefully) see the site bills paid through FEBRUARY 2008, (so I won't have to do this again soon.)

Will you help and support this effort... I want to get this done and out of the way.
thx! randy
Saturday morning, an article endorsing Ron Paul went out to 1.2 million readers of 'Dr. Mercola' and is found HERE

ronpaulaudio.com has literally been "under water" for 3 days..... they are ALL coming from this single article. His readership is alternative medicine folks who have evidently not heard of Ron Paul but obviously respect Mercola's endorsement. They are tenacious because even tho they are getting buffered trying to open and stream the MP3 files and videos..... they leave and then try again later. I checked this morning (Monday) and STILL, they are all coming from that single article.

Here is a sample of some emails I'm getting from the site:

Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 2:20 PM

We would really enjoy listening to RP, BUT, the site evidently doesn't have enough bandwidth.. We have two sites of our own and understand the issues..Please have someone work on this so we can ALL listen.. Yes, we have broadband, highspeed yada- the site isn't up to snuff!
Phill Remick

yup....I got swamped today....I'm working on it.... thanks for the visit!

Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2007 8:23 AM
Subject: problem with your site

Just to let you know, it took around two minutes for your site to open and the first video would continually stop and go. I have high speed so the 'hourglass' is not at this end. Hopefully someone or some 'entity' is not screwing around with your site. As an alternative physician I DO want to know more about Ron Paul. I will try again later...
Dr. Haskell

Dear Dr. Haskell....

I know the problem is on my end. I work the site from my home.
Never knew it would grow into the #3/4/5? Ron Paul site.... just started doing what I loved and it grew!
I need to move the web hosting. The campaign is going to explode in the coming months.
It comes down to dollars to buy bandwidth. Simple as that... so I am considering how to raise funds to pay for an Amazon S-3 host account. I am far from a web developer.... just a Ron Paul lover at heart so this is all new territory for me.
The surge will die back.... so please come back and visit www.ronpaulaudio.com soon.... it's a treasure of knowledge and hope.
best regards,

I want to stream the files from an Amazon S-3 account that offers almost unlimited bandwidth so the site will function optimally

    no matter how many visitors are trying to stream simultaneously.

As you can imagine, it takes much more bandwidth to stream something then it takes to just present something static like an article or a picture.
The potential monthly bills for this scare me because the Amazon is a "pay for what you use" program..... and who knows how popular our candidate is GOING to become as this phenomenon grows.
Exciting.... but scary if I'm alone with the bills.
Thanks for any help in this..... and btw I have my $100 ready to go on the 5th!!!!
Donate to the Campaign FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to the RonPaulAudio Chip-in:

and one HERE as well.

Thanks to the Friends of RonPaulAudio in advance.
Kindest regards,
(and a BIG thank you to Guerilla for your help and encouragement with this effort to upgrade the site!)

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Huckabee trolls @ Mercola

Did you notice the Huckabee bloggers have found that Mercola page?


rcaffrey said

Huckabee is a good man.

Self made millionaire. Baptist minister. Very articulate and a strong conservative candidate.

He knows business, goverment and has a deep faith. He also has a chance to catch the leaders.

I like some of what Ron Paul says but he is a fringe candidate that is not going anywhere.

Augusta said

When I left off supporting Ron Paul, I, too, decided for Huckabee - especially since he has seen the light on closing our borders. I would like to know how he stands concerning Dr. Mercola's (and our) issue on alternative supplements, etc

They're so blatantly obvious.

Calling all Dreamhost users!!

Oh yes, didn't Dreamhost promise 1TB bandwidth a month for only $10? Let's put it to the test? Anybody who has a Dreamhost account, just let us borrow 50GB a month and see how it goes!


Thanks to MrChubbs for a donation and to Josh for his bandwidth offer and email to me. I now have a ronpaulaudio "team" being assembled to help get the site to optimal streaming....bills must be paid and kept to a minimum but this is definately the moment to prepare for what's on the horizon....the mercola thing was a wakeup call to get ready.....why shouldn't a thousand people be able to all come and hear and watch the message of hope at the same time..... BRING ON THE STAMPEDES....LET'S HAVE A REVOLUTION. Thanks to all helping with this upgrade.

Public message to all who need bandwidth

I'm a webhost manager for years, I can literally donate out 500GB or more a month. Please anybody just e-mail me if this comes up again. Server fees should be saved for databases, forum, discussion, dynamic and interaction, real time updates, DDoS prevention, but NOT bandwidth.

It's ridiculous this time in age of YouTube, PutFile, YouHostIt, MegaUpload, and Google video people still pay for bandwidth (these together killed lots of my business, so i might as well give it back here).

Here's my e-mail ohmyjosh@gmail.com (all revolution related bandwidth welcome)


I don't know if this effects the loading time for your site, but you might think about organizing the content. Maybe splitting it up into months. I love your site and I listen to it all the time at work. I find its a way to get people interested enough that they will ask me questions instead of me trying to puch politics on them. Maybe a banner up top that links to the official site, and the "a new hope" video is all you need besides the audio files. In my humble opinion, simplicity works. You and your site are and will continue to be very important key ingredient in this campaign. Keep up the good work and I hope your hosting issues are resolved soon.

Much gratitude and respect from a fellow supporter,
- kipload

- kipload

bad news :(

this is a great site, and its bad news you're having trouble. I hope you can figure something out soon. Thanks for everything man, hope you find some money!
24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

24/7 Ron Paul Coverage and Discussion

Thank you!

Thanks Bruce from BYU !!


Great site...

One suggestion though: PUT A DIRECT LINK TO WWW.RONPAUL2008.COM AT THE TOP. If you're getting as many hits are you're saying you're getting -- might not be a bad idea to direct some people to the official site. Especially if your site is getting bogged down, going to the official site would be much better than just closing their browsers!

Keep up the good work.

Jim Bob

Jim Bob

Thank you!!

Thanks to David Morrow and Robert Kuhn for helping with this.....thanks so much!

Thank you!

Thanks to William Masur for your donation!!

Thank you!

Thank you JEFF for your immediate response and generous donation!!!