Ron Paul - The 'Real' Maverick

"Ron Paul is actually a true conservative," commented Will's fellow panelist, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. "He wants to eliminate Social Security. He want to go back on the gold standard. He's the real thing."

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Krugman's remark

Coming from a big-government-loving Keynesian like Paul Krugman, the remark about Ron Paul being the "true conservative" was surely a backhanded compliment at best. What he's apparently trying to convey is that true conservatives want to abolish Social Security and kick helpless old people out on the street. He knows enough about RP's position on this matter that this had to be deliberate misrepresentation. RP simply believes that young people should have the choice to opt out of this stupid Ponzi scheme while saving the trillions we're throwing away in foreign adventurism to ensure that those who have been paying into said Ponzi scheme over the years will get what's been promised to them.

- Robert -

Tom, you understand it

Tom, you understand it perfectly, but in the long term that program is designed to do away with Social Security. They could clarify, but there are a lot of time constraints in media and the average viewer can tend to glaze over or switch the channel when they hear programs for reform.

Social Security

Dr. Paul should get this cleared up on eliminating Social Security since the geezers like myself might get upset with this finality.
If I understand Dr. Paul correctly, he wants to close down the empire and use some of the savings to have young people drop out of paying for this system where they will never see the benefits, plus tide over those in need but no mention of dropping this for those already receiving Social Security Benefits.

This statement plus a few others I picked up might indicate that the Social Security System as it stands now would not get the axe but rather updated to give young people a break to develop their own retirement programs.

RP Will Save Social Security

Hi Tom, this is just more media political trickery to represent false statements on these issues.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that has committed to replacing the billions of dollars stolen from the Social Security Trust Fund by our current and past corrupt and inept government over the past 50+ years. Unless this country stops spending trillions on warfare and corporate welfare, Social Security will soon be history. Some of those war funds need be put back were they belong.

Of all the candidates, only Dr. Paul has even addressed this problem when the other politicians don’t seem to have a clue. He is the only one who tells the truth. The Trust’s funds were stolen for other spending initiative leaving Social Security with bogus IOUs and no way to keep the fund’s investments intact. No funds; no growth, no profits. Any private retirement fund managers would be in jail for such malfeasance and fraud.

Ron Paul will not be the destroyer of Social Security; he will save it until it can be phased out by letting young people opt-out. By the way, Social Security was supposed to be an optional voluntary retirement fund for workers from its beginning. Once again government has used force to collect and spend our money under false pretenses.

Sorry to rant but the Social Security Trust Fund could have been worth trillions of dollars today if only we didn’t have crooks and idiots running our country.

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I was very pleased that George Will has defended him for his Iraq policy saying that you can still be a real republican and be against this war. Most of the criticisms I read from the RINOs and Neocons are that he's not a 'real' republican, when he's perhaps the MOST republican.

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No one stops getting SS payments.

But younger people are given the opportunity to opt-out completely - no contributions, no payments on the back-end. The complete phase-out of SS might take a generation or two.