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Great Song about Ron Paul

A buddy of mine who is also as big into guitars as I am, wrote and sings this song called "The Ballad of Rudy McRomney".

You can hear it by simply going to Ron's page on my calendar site and it will start. You can stop it with the controls.

The Ballad of Rudy McRomney by Matt Simon, NH

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What about Three Shoes Posse?

Has this blog mentioned or linked to Three Shoes Posse?

They are a reggae band in Houston and they have a song about Ron Paul called Ron Paul is here.

The mp3 of the song is here.

The band's website is here.

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Three Shoes Posse Rocks!

They're here - under the music section, on the right -->

link to MP3

If the plugin on that page isn't working for you (or you just want to download the MP3), you can get it here:

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Love it!

Great song Jane! Thanks.


We're a fun bunch up here in NH -- you ought to move here! :)

Matt was inside the debate in NH -- chosen as one of the bloggers. He told me that there were 3 of the 14 who were already Ron supporters and 3 converts so Ron won with 6 votes. Mitt go NO votes.

Another blogger told me this was not true...but it was! I knew two of the Ron Paul supporters in there, chosen for good writing skills.

They were both at the bar afterward.
We had around 400 that night, and I hope Iowa more than doubles this number to 1,000 or more!

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