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2 hr video of how this entire thing came about

I had not seen this ENDGAME documentary type film. It is very good and very to the point. It will continue to clear up questions.


If you have seen it, will you bump to keep this available for a while. Thanks.

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a must-see. Alex Jones is

a must-see. Alex Jones is a national treasure.

Saw the film on Youtube

liked it so much I bought it. Alex Jones gets criticized all the time so he has to show references and back up everything he does. We are not a small group, we are awake and committed to turning things around. Get involved in your local government and keep spreading Ron Paul's message. Peace

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

What the hell. After coming

What the hell.

After coming to dailypaul, it feels like I have woken up from within the matrix.

While watching this film it seemed ridiculous; I nearly stopped it several times.

But after watching the whole thing and especially verifying the references listed one by one at:


It's got me thinking...

If it is true, which I'm not so sure it is, there would be nothing any one can do to stop it. We are already a part of the system and any small group trying to step outside the system would quickly be absorbed.

I have thought the same thing

that you are stating here many times. But I have to tell myself a few things. First, many people who are on the team of these people do not really know what they are doing or why. They don't fully understand the program. Some don't. Some are scared stiff to make a move because these people are ruethless. The real major group is smaller than it seems in comparison to the people in the world who oppose this entire thing. The Americans are a smaller group still. Dr. Paul seems to think we have a chance to change this mess. Evil falls like a detonated building when it is exposed and opposed. It has no roots, no backbone. So once we start taking exception and exposing the whole mess, then we may have less resistance than we think before we start. They are obviously extremely scared. Look at the secrecy and guards they operate in. They have dark car windows, bullet proof, no less. If they did not fear Dr. Paul, they would not be treating him with the blackout and ridicule they do. If he was really insignificant, they would not give him this much effort. They also have sent this Foley guy to talk him out of continuing his run. He was a subject of conversation in their little secret meeting. It is money that makes them powerful, nothing else. Otherwise, they are just as vulnerable as I am or you are. Money in the hands of bullies is dangerous. Money should not be the reason for power. Intelligence and integrity should be the reason for power. Our society is largely misdirected in this respect. We worship money way, way too much. Our athletes should never be making the kind of money they do. The love of money is the root of all evil. So true.