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So, How's it looking in Utah?

By the way, what do you call residents of Utah?

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My Prayers...

go out to those fine Ron Paul supporters in Utah. I pray that you have the strength, courage, and are able to stick to your principles. Please do not give up, follow the rules accordingly, and you will be part of the most important decision making process in this election.


It beats Michiganders, that's for sure!

How about people from Illinois? Illinoisians? Illionoisites? What about Maine? Mainers? Mainians? People from Albany? Albanians!


those of us from maine are

those of us from maine are mainers..but i prefer to be called a maniac!!!..lol

Mind your Mainers!

Mainers.....how LOGICal! :-)



freedumb is not free!thats awesome

freedumb is not free!

the state convention is this weekend

Fortune Favors the Bold

Romney has requested that his delegates be unbound. It looks like the GOP is going to try to unbind them, then re-bind them to John McCain (if they do this, we need to start doing it the other way around)

Fortune Favors the Bold

what do you mean

freedumb is not free! by the other way around, like Media blackouts for mcain and making it almost impossible for him to win. OK im down

freedumb is not free!

Strategy in Utah

The strategy in Utah is to keep the delegates bound for Romney on the first round. It takes 2/3 to unbind and only 1/2 to re-bind to McCain.

See the Daily Dose post at RonPaul2008.com


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Utahans sounds good

Perhaps Utahlers? Anyone?