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The revolution a manifesto is

my new weapon of mass education. I dont know about you but this has been huge for me, give it a shot. For months i had been talking to as many people as i could daily spreading the revolution to those who are still asleep. Some took to the message some did not . I found laziness is our biggest obstacle most people wont go to google and type in Ron Pauls name and do some research but my new weapon is a powerfull one. I purchased several copies of the revolution, read my personal copy and started to circulate the other copies as well as my own two days later. I have now converted 100% of the people who read the book the number now is at 11 and four copies are with four more people. I have a 4day policy if they are finished with the book or not i repo it for if you can put this book down you dont care about this country or the future of your children. All 11 have finished the book in 4 days or less thus far. I talked to strangers and aqaintences, good friends and relatives for months to spark the interest now the people i give the book to are telling other people about it. currently two copies are with gentlemen who work at a local supply house and the other two are with family members. This works give it a shot!

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Time to attack!

Just when the elite and the mainstream media mongoloids thought we were gone, we're back and more focused than ever. Talk to everyone, give copies of Dr. Paul books to those close to you. Pass out literature, and lets build up momentum for the convention. The R3VOLUTION has just begun!

Impossible to read and not get fired up!

Even though I'm very familiar with Dr. Paul's message and what's happening in our country, I felt myself getting increasingly angry the more I read through his book. Anyone with a pulse and even a smattering of interest in the future of America... uh, check that.. the future of the World, who reads this book will be so outraged that the patriot within will wake up and be ready to kick ass and take names. To me the book is like the report of a 'mole' who has been gathering intelligence on an enemy empire. It's a miracle we still live in a time in which something like this can be published and distrubuted. I think that in a way, it shows the overconfidence of the globalists in that they are just pretending it will go away, and probably believe that Americans are too 'dumbed down' to understand or just too apathetic to care. I think they're in for a big suprise. I'm sending as many copies as I can afford to friends and family members. Go Ron Paul! The Revolution is just getting started!

"Doc" Holladay
Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

NY Times

The book is #1 on the hardcover non-fiction list. I wonder why there is still no review. Even though they try to ignore it the message will get around. I have 6 copies. Five to pass and one to keep.

Am I the only one still earning dollars?

I have to beg for slim jims to pass out, the budget that I lived on - tight, but comfortable, a year ago, has me at the verge of bankruptcy now. I could barely buy my own copy! I wish I could afford to do this.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

hey do you live in jersey

freedumb is not free! i will give you a copy umm i dont know how we can get in touch money is tight for most but i am willing to hook you up i just got a 25dollar gift card cant think of a better use

freedumb is not free!

bump for freedumb =D

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

This is Dr. Paul's real

This is Dr. Paul's real victory for this year...I'm proud of him.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

i really want to buy a whole box

and give them to every single person i believe could make a difference. people with influence. i know the local police chief. i have family who also work in the county sheriffs dept, my doctor, pastor, sister, other friends, family....the list goes on. Let the good Dr. explain his viewpoint on things, since no one else has given him any free air time, unlike a few other candidates i can think of, and i do a terrible job compared to him. this should be the #1 thing we do right now, get this book into the hands of every voter.

Can't wait to get mine


Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Going to give it too the

Going to give it too the parentals & family to read.
Let them see what I was harping on about ;)

Great Job!

Its always a pain in the ass getting people to read the book.

i hear ya

freedumb is not free!but i pre selected all my targets by talking to them before for months some of them will prob read the book just so i shut up. If thats what they think they are wrong ive just begun. Dr Paul knew we would start to tire at some point he knew he needed to arm us and his timing was perfect to get this going full steam ahead into the summer.

freedumb is not free!