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Cheney Aide Subpoenaed to Testify to Congress

- U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff was subpoenaed on Wednesday to testify in a congressional probe of the administration's treatment and possible torture of enemy combatants.

House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, issued the subpoena to David Addington a day after it was authorized by a House panel.

The administration contends its aides can not be forced to testify. But Addington has indicated he may do so if subpoenaed, congressional staffers said.

Megan Mitchell, spokeswoman for the vice president's office, said, "I can confirm that we have received the subpoena. We are reviewing it and will respond accordingly."

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Can'r Be Forced to Testify?

I bet if they are offered the choice of testifying or being waterboarded, they will sing like a canary.

Can anyone tell me why the

Can anyone tell me why the admin's aides cannot be forced to testify?

Formerly rprevolutionist

Exactly why we should stop

Exactly why we should stop following their laws. They did the same thing at the convention, we played by the rules they didn't. They live above the law. Thank god for the brave citizens who filed charges on Bush and Cheney.
Im not a 100% on this but crimes against the constitution and human rights are punishable by death.

Because they do not feel

Because they do not feel that our laws apply to them. They simply try to make up their own rules as they go along.


That just pisses me off.

That just pisses me off. Same applies to mccain tho. Oh that pisses me off too! I don't think we have time for a peaceful revolution anymore. :-(

Formerly rprevolutionist


freedumb is not free! How long before the elephant in the room stampedes

freedumb is not free!