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Plan Mexico: The SPP and the militarization of Mexico

On Oct. 22, 2007 President Bush announced the $1.4 billion dollar "Merida Initiative," security aid package to Mexico and Central America. The initiative has fatal flaws in its strategy; instead of leading to a stable binational relationship and peaceful border communities, its military approach will escalate drug-related violence and human rights abuses.

Mexico and the United States face a joint challenge in decreasing transnational organized crime and they must cooperate to strengthen the rule of law and stop illegal drug and arms trafficking over the border. This misguided policy will result in an inability to achieve its own goals and will waste taxpayers' money. It will also seriously undermine the U.S.-Mexico relationship and Mexican stability.

Soon the U.S. Congress will vote on the Initiative, popularly referred to as "Plan Mexico." The little-known appropriations request has been tagged on to the multi-billion dollar Iraq supplemental bill and has been presented as an unprecedented effort to fight burgeoning drug trafficking and violence related to organized crime in Mexico. But the "regional security cooperation initiative" goes far beyond cooperation in stopping the flow of illegal drugs. It would fundamentally restructure the U.S.-Mexico binational relationship, recast economic and social problems as security issues, and militarize Mexican society.

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Not trying to fear monger, but lets look at potential risks...

invariably this could lead to the potential of authorized mexican authorities sanctioned by US and UN to enter US soil to quell terrorist if we are unable to protect ourselves from terrorist (be they real or not.) I have not thoroughly looked into it-- but there could be need of concern for this.

Hypothetically, in wake of the campaign for education and the awakening our citizens are undergoing the NAU may have hit a little bump in its course and a conflict between the two nations would keep many people too busy to be for a Constitution ressurection. Can a campaign to develop anti-U.S. sentiment in Mexico be successful? I hope not. I like Mexico and I love the U.S btw.

Drug trafficking military in Mexico may also be the replacement for the rejected Columbian treaty. Perhaps setting a precursor for turmoil in Venezuala?

Just a couple of thoughts. I am tired and am purely speculating. I am not trying to start conspiracy theories on purpose. Just trying to figure out where the crack that may inherent corruption resides in this plan.

Any thoughts?

Considering That

our own military is located thousands of miles away and will be for years to come, and that when and if they return in the next couple of years will be a broken down/worn out machine, as a nation we won't be in much of a position to defend ourselves as it relates to depending on our military to do so. This is really disturbing if you consider the possibility that it is all be design.