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McKook continues to stumble...

He's keeps falling but can't get up! The following link shows 2 important facts...


First, the big 4 as they call them, the Stock Brokers, Labor, Pharmaceuticals, and Oil have each contributed 11 million dollars to both Clinton and Obama (imagine that) while only giving 4 million to Mckook because "he is really no different than the Dems" and second, RP is NOT in their hip pocket. Hence, no big contributions. Mckook will not win...the Republicans will crash and burn (because the CFR is the real wiener) before they dump Mckook.

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Vote for one of the CFR

Vote for one of the CFR candidates and you get the same thing - more war, more deficit, loss of liberty, loss of national sovereignty, loss of jobs, destruction of the middle class and I could go on and on. No difference between Billary, McCrap or Barotten.


typo I assume? :)

Those contributions are so important and that is something the American public needs to be seeing.

This is a really great article for us. We should send it around as much as possible.

CFR in Charge

The CFR realized a long time ago the Republicans could not win while maintaining the status quo. Dr. Paul was the party's chance to win and they could not allow that to happen. That is why they protected their future candidates (Romney, that NY Mayor, Huckabee) by getting them to withdraw early. They are giving McCain his Bob Dole moment.


is a puppet.

..as are Hillary and

..as are Hillary and Barack...