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How to become the media...

Hello Daily Paul,

Some partners and I are developing a community that runs on a micro-payment system of rating public content that members post. Each member adds 1/10 of a cent to the content and then decides whether to forward it or not. This goes through a multiplication process where if the content is important enough it could become very valuable and essentially circulate through the community for a very long time. This also puts a monetary incentive on people digging up the "big story." I'm sure you can see how important that could be.

There are many people and organizations in the movement asking you to donate. I have not seen anyone however trying to fill the warchest after it is depleted. That is why we have developed PyraBang.Com. We believe this could be the break through that independent media has been looking for. I hope that you will join us and support this very important cause.

We have set up a non-company-profit pay-plan which rewards members for building the community. We are paying out 91% of our membership money back to the members. The rest goes towards overhead and a bang allowance that each member receives each month. The memberships are $5.50 monthly.

Our community launch is in June. However we are trying to build up a large community that will be there when we open our doors. There will be nothing charged until after our launch date. We could really use your support. Please contact me asap 603 365-8880 and I can answer any questions you might have.


Christian Piccolo
Ron Paul Revolution Chat

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion,
you must set yourself on fire first." - Reggie Leach