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Surprise GOP rule switch? (Steve Parent gets a mention in the Salt Lake Tribune article)

Surprise GOP rule switch?

State convention might release Romney delegates; dark horse Paul could benefit

By Robert Gehrke
The Salt Lake Tribune

The Ron Paul Revolution will not go quietly.

As they have done in Nevada, Minnesota and elsewhere, a number of Utah Ron Paul backers are trying to get elected today as delegates to the Republican National Convention where, under a proposed rule change, they could be free to vote for whomever they want.

Under existing party rules, the 36 Utah delegates to the convention are obligated to vote for Mitt Romney, who won the state GOP primary with 90 percent of the vote.

But today, the state party will consider changing its rules to release the delegates and let them vote for whom they see fit.

The proposed bylaws change comes in response to a request from Romney, after he dropped out of the race, to release his bound delegates.

That could free the delegates to support whomever they want at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in September - a point not lost on Paul supporters.

On blogs and in e-mails, Paul backers have spread a strategy aimed at getting Paul supporters elected as delegates in order to keep Sen. John McCain from getting enough delegate support to clinch the nomination. That could force a convention fight, they argue, and give Paul a path - albeit a contorted one - to win the nomination.

“We will try to force a brokered convention - there
is no way around it,” writes Steve Parent on "The Daily Paul" blog.

Read the rest of the article here: http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_9214559

For more articles on Ron Paul and the Revolution, please visit this link: http://www.presidentronpaul.co.uk/news.html

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does anyone know what happened in utah about this?/

if so please comment

So What Went Down

in Utah?


Romney supporters never supported Paul

They'd be more likely to align with the McCainites.

"The main thing that I learned about conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in a conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic..." —Alan Moore

Keep up the great work

Doc. I know it isn't easy.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Hmmm Figures they took my


Figures they took my quote in my article out of context and did not add Dr. to my name.

MSM your only source for spin.

Dr. Steve Parent


One of the most important things we can do at the convention is defeat the proposal to change the rules to unbind the Utah delegation from the winner of the UT presidential primary. The rule as it stands now, is that the UT delegation is bound to the winner of the UT primary. As you know, Mitt Romney won the UT primary and has earned and deserves the 36 votes on the first ballot at the national convention. The rules for the primary were in place and the voters knew what they were when they cast their vote and it is our responsibility to honor those rules. Changing the rule will require a 2/3 (super) majority.

And if the rule is changed, there will also be considered a resolution to bind the entire Utah delegation to John McCain on the first ballot of the national convention. Passing this resolution will require a simple majority. If the party rule is not changed, then this resolution would not even be considered. But if the party rule is changed, we must do everything we can to defeat this resolution.
---end quote---

Source: http://people.ronpaul2008.com/campaign-updates/2008/05/09/ut...


Another MSM disinformation article.

"Infiltrate" and "force" are exactly the kinds of words They want to associate with the liberty movement.
These words imply coercion and tyranny, which is exactly what we are fighting!

People don't want to be "forced" or "infiltrated". And they don't want "anarchy" or "chaos" either.

Our strategy, ultimately, is to educate, persuade, and convert.
But They want to continue to marginalize us; separate us from the mainstream of good, honest Republicans that must eventually be our power base, blaming us for the disruption that They cause!

But one of the most disturbing (but hardly surprising) aspects of this article was it's anointing of Dr. Steve Parent as "our" spokesman.

"We will try to force a brokered convention - there is no way around it," writes Steve Parent on The Daily Paul blog."

Interesting how the MSM, that has gone so far out of its way to discredit and ignore Ron Paul throughout this campaign, is so ready to choose this charlatan to quote in an article about RP delegates. Regardless of what you think of "Dr? Steve", "he" does not exist except as an online pseudonym. I

n the interest of journalistic integrity an article should describe "him" as someone "who uses the online name of 'Dr. Steve Parent' ' rather than implying that that is his real identity. He is no more a named source than was "Deep Throat" but this article does not make this apparent. If a newspaper ever wanted to quote me I would use my actual name. And the "Dr." part WOULD be a real and verifiable part of it.

The Virtual Conspiracy


Do you have any proof of your hairbrained conspiracy theory? Or are you like many other anti-Steve Parent trolls talking out of your derrier?

If the post is Laurie or Sally08, make sure you take it with a grain of salt, or with some prozac. Because that is probably what you will need to recover from the lunacy.

That is right folks i am a

That is right folks i am a bot. I am a figment of your imagination.

I am a black op sent here to disrupt all of you to damage the movement and the name of Dr. Paul

All the meetup groups i have spoken with educating you on rules of order that never happened it was an illusion and my voice was sent via telepathic signal and was only in your mind.

You small group of 6 people are pathetic and your ignorance becomes clearer by the day to everyone.

They keep attacking folks so we must be winning. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Steve Parent

Dr. Steve Parent: You really need to read your duplicate threads

1) a "voice on a phone"
2) calling from "out of the country"
3) with not a single person who has ever admitted to meeting you
simply isn't adequate for a "guru" who is being "interviewed" as though he were HQ staff-

There are definitely a *lot* more than 5-6 people questioning your credibility/anonymity on RonPaulForums, many of whom are "well-known" senior members/RP supporters:

In fact, that thread related to you was yet another one to have been "locked" by the moderators, after post #175!

"Dr. Steve Parent", did you ever have an actual telephone conversation with Bryan/RPF?

If not, you might consider setting that as a priority to not be banned *again* (permanently?) on RPF.

Who will you blame if that happens?

Yes we have spoken and this

Yes we have spoken and this will all be cleared up soon.

Keep attacking for you will not drive me away. :)

Dr. Steve Parent

Dr. Steve, you're doing a great job

So please ignore Laurie, Ryan and whoever else wants to attack you. If you ignore them, maybe they'll go away. I wish they'd go back to wherever they belong and let this site alone. We have more important matters here than to listen to their assaults on you. Dr. Paul is counting on us true supporters, so just ignore those that keep attacking you. Steve, you talked to my husband last night and he was impressed with you and will get in touch with you soon. Keep up the good work!



Do you think these people

Do you think these people bother me or will drive me away?

They are very entertaining and what is really funny is they believe they get under my skin.

I am actually going to have a www.revolutionbroadcasting money bomb considering they have tried so hard to tell people do not donate to our radio network.

Our last month fund raising of $738 is going to be made transparent to every donor of $10 or more considering every donor was at least $10 except for a person from RPI radio that donated $1 for spite in my opinion.

I will keep everyone posted on this event so if you would like to be part of it please come and subscribe to our site and when the blog is posted it will come to you via email automatically.



Dr. Steve Parent

Dr. Steve Parent HAS HIS OWN SITE

"Dr. Steve Parent" should have his *own* forum, where he can block whoever he wants.

Then, the people who object to all of "Dr. Steve Parent's" SPAM posts/constant bumps on both RPF and DP would be happy, as well.

NOTE: That is also how "Dr. Steve Parent" should *build his business*, not the DP and RPF sites.

Hasn't "Dr. Steve Parent' indicated that he is also a marketing expert, while critiquing the handouts created by others?

You should have your own forum laurie....

And on this forum laurie you can create as many accounts as you want to talk to yourself often and tell yourself how great you are. On this forum you can continue to spread rumors and gossip about other people in the movement out of jealousy. It will be fun. Why don't you go do that?

If the post is Laurie or Sally08, make sure you take it with a grain of salt, or with some prozac. Because that is probably what you will need to recover from the lunacy.

yeah maybe you should have your own forum for you and

all those people, those total of 3. You bring disgrace to this site and all Ron Paul supporters. Why don't you take your campaign against the movement and move on. All those thousands of copied posts and emails you collect could be turned into a book and made into a best seller-NOT! You and the 3 others who care to distort the motives of those supporters here and on other forums should make yourselves productive instead of destructive. We are all sick of it already Laurie, it is probably driving people away at the very least at the most it is taking away from other important issues people care more about. Your audience is boooooiinnngg you-get off the stage. Store that in your records!

"...the most memorable concern of mankind
is the guts it takes to
face the sunlight again."-Charles Bukowski

Enough already Laurie

Enough! Enough and enough already!!



URGENT Utah Delegates

Media has it backwards. The strategy in Utah is to keep the delegates bound to Romney for the first round.

It takes 2/3 to unbind. If that effort succeeds, which the McCain supporters hope it will, then it only takes 1/2 to bind them to McCain. They plan to bind the delegates to McCain.

See DailyDose at RonPaul2008.com for details. Keep those delegates bound to Romney on the first round.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

The media has it backwards?

The media has it backwards? How can that be! :-) Well in reality that is a good thing if it causes the mccain supporters to keep them bound to Romney. (Kudos on the mention for Steve.)

Formerly rprevolutionist

Does this type of article help/harm RP's message?

Any predictions about media coverage out of Utah this weekend?

And, what a surprise, "Steve Parent" (without the "Dr.") is quoted as the source for RP supporters-


QUESTION: If unbinding Romney's delegates in Utah is "changing the rules in the middle of the game", then isn't that logic equally true at the RNC?

Which way will RP delegates vote today, to keep national delegates bound or to unbind them from Romney?

And will the national RP delegates then become "flip-floppers", if they attempt to unbind *McCain* national delegates?

You harm Ron Paul's message every time you type...

Laurie your nutty conspiracy theorist paranoid delusional behaviour hurts this movement far more then Dr. Steve could ever hope to do even on purpose. Get a new hobby. It's people like you that are the reason they believe we are all nuts.

If the post is Laurie or Sally08, make sure you take it with a grain of salt, or with some prozac. Because that is probably what you will need to recover from the lunacy.


The difference that appears to be lost on the LaurieTroll is that a rule change that is voted on by the delgagtion is legitimate while arbitrary manipulations and outright rulebreaking by the Chair is not.

The difference is also that Romney is not active. McCain is. Romney is not a problem for the nomination. McCain is.

So, if there is a majority-pass resolution to bind to McCain after a 2/3-pass resolution to unbind from Romney, then the plan should be to defeat the unbind resolution. If the votes required were the reverse (majority to unbind, 2/3 to bind) then the plan would be to support the unbind and defeat the bind. It's easier to defeat the higher-threshold resolution, and that's where the fight should be first.

6 years is enough

To get a PhD in delegatology. His degree is in convention and delegational health. I'm not so sure people should be so concerned about ones surname up in the internet world. His name could be Ross Perot for all we know.

"Dr. Steve Parent" - maybe he's Ron Paul, too?

I'm not so sure people should be so concerned about ones surname up in the internet world. His name could be Ross Perot for all we know

Or maybe "Dr. Steve Parent" *still* works as an "administrator for the Dems for the past 6 years".

Nah, that's not relevant to having "Dr. Steve Parent's" advice to delegates contributing to MO now attempting to eliminate 300 RP delegates.

Did those RP delegates expect to be called to "testify" like they committed a crime? What additional costs in terms of loss of pay or vacation time did they incur due to the "reputation" that "SP delegates" have earned?

Is the GOP slimy? Sure.

But is this about getting RP speaking time at the RNC or about destroying the GOP?

Certainly, RP won't get that speaking time, now. Will any RP national delegates be recognized at all?


Here we go again. Do you have a life? Why do you spend all this time with this? Do you have an IV set up next to your computer so you never have to miss one moment of obssessive Steve bashing?

Dr. Steve's actions had nothing to do with the McCain supporters trying to eliminate the Ron Paul supporters. Aside from the fact that they are afraid of party members who don't tow the line and might actually understand how to get delegates for their candidate rather then being bullied into voting for McCain.

I am starting to suspect you are the plant. What's your real name Laurie? Where did you got to school? Has anyone actually met you in person?

If the post is Laurie or Sally08, make sure you take it with a grain of salt, or with some prozac. Because that is probably what you will need to recover from the lunacy.

Agreed, Laurie needs to go to some non-RP forum

A few weeks ago, all of a sudden "Laurie" appears on DP and begins denigrating Steve and has consistently done so since. Please leave Laurie. Other than the aforementioned, exactly what is your contribution to this forum?

Certainly, RP won't get that speaking time, now.

I say that all is moving forward as planed, by our true leader and that is Ron Paul not Steve or Laurie. I put my trust in RP for the long haul. I predict that Ron Paul "Will" address the GOP convention in St. Paul and if enough of us stay properly focused we will get Ron Paul the domination. Surly this is what it is all about ? aloha

Laurie, enough already

Steve Parent has been a great help to us Ron Paul supporters and I think you should just lay off him already. How have you helped? I just come on this site to see the latest news and I do live in Lake Jackson, Tx., the hometown of Dr. Ron Paul, whom I know and is a fantastic person. I know he appreciates all his supporters and Steve Parent is a great help. How does his being a doctor matter to you? Again, enough already please.



If we were given more info

If we were given more info from Campaign HQ, there would be a lot less backbiting and squabbling here at the grassroots.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States