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The Ron Paul Revolution will not go quietly.
As they have done in Nevada, Minnesota and elsewhere, a number of Utah Ron Paul backers are trying to get elected today as delegates to the Republican National Convention where, under a proposed rule change, they could be free to vote for whomever they want.
Under existing party rules, the 36 Utah delegates to the convention are obligated to vote for Mitt Romney, who won the state GOP primary with 90 percent of the vote.
But today, the state party will consider changing its rules to release the delegates and let them vote for whom they see fit.
The proposed bylaws change comes in response to a request from Romney, after he dropped out of the race, to release his bound delegates.
That could free the delegates to support whomever they want at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul in September - a point not lost on Paul supporters.
On blogs and in e-mails, Paul backers have spread a strategy aimed at getting Paul supporters elected as delegates in order to keep Sen. John McCain from getting enough delegate support to clinch the nomination. That could force a convention fight, they argue, and give Paul a path - albeit a contorted one - to win the nomination.
“We will try to force a brokered convention - there

is no way around it,” writes Steve Parent on "The Daily Paul" blog.
Last month, the Nevada GOP convention ended in chaos, as Paul supporters were poised to be elected to a majority of the 31 state delegate slots before party leaders abruptly adjourned the gathering without picking the national delegates. Paul supporters cried foul and shouted that the process was rigged.
In Utah, about 100 people have filed to run for national delegate, many of them for the first time, and many of them professed Paul supporters.
The McCain campaign declined to comment, but this week state delegates received a recorded phone message from Romney urging them to vote for a slate of endorsed McCain delegates. The campaign also will have local and national political operatives working the convention today.
Lowell Nelson, a Paul supporter running for national delegate, said he doesn't anticipate chaos erupting today, or going to St. Paul to vote for Paul. He just wants to see the rules stay the same and bind the delegates to vote for Romney, at least on the first round of balloting.
“For us, as a Republican Party, to consider unbinding the delegation from that obligation, from that expectation, is a bit inappropriate, very inappropriate, like changing the rules in the middle of the game,” said Nelson. “I believe we ought to honor the will of the state of Utah by casting those 36 votes for Mitt Romney.”
But, if McCain is unable to lock up the nomination on the first ballot, the delegates would be free to support anyone.
That could open the door for Romney, says Nelson, although he would likely vote for Paul.
Stan Lockhart, chairman of the Utah Republican Party, said it will be up to delegates to decide whether they should release the Romney delegates, and the party won't take sides.
“There is a bylaw change that has been proposed. Clearly it is designed to comply with the request of the candidate who got over 90 percent for president in the state of Utah,” said Lockhart, who doesn't anticipate any of the turmoil that plagued the Nevada convention.
“I believe we will have a convention where it is orderly, where it is fair and impartial to all concerned, and where the delegates get to make choices on how to best move the Republican Party forward,” he said.

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If the UTAH slate is obligated to Romney and votes for him first round under current rules - McCain may win on a first round ballot and then they will never be unbound for a 2nd to vote for Paul.

If they unbind now, and most of them decide to vote for Paul (or all of them) on the 1st round, McCain gains no more than he would have had if they had all voted for Romney but Paul gets some as opposed to none.

Am i doing the wrong math here? Why is that not superior?

Is the concern that a majority of the delegates will do Romney's bidding and vote McCain 1st round if they get unbound? Is that likely? Are McCain's people even going to show up in significant numbers?

The first-ballot goal,

as I understand it, is to stop McCain from having a majority. To that end, every vote against McCain counts, no matter whom it's for. If the delegates stay bound, then they are all votes against McCain on that ballot. (If Romney goes on the ballot; if he doesn't, they're free to vote for whom they want.)

If McCain wins on the first ballot, then Paul votes do not count, period; it doesn't matter, in this respect, how many delegates he brings.

George Dance

George Dance

Robbing Ron Paul

Dr. Paul is our leader

I accept NO ONE else as a spokesman.


Duplicate thread - urgent info on other one

Shouldn't you be *burying* the article?


The RP delegates want to keep Romney's bound delegates bound to *Romney*, not to "unbind them" to allow them to vote in first round for McCain-

And, since when did "Steve Parent" become our HQ rep for the RNC?

Who hired him? Who voted for him? On what basis does "Steve Parent" know what "we" want?

laurie, would you please

laurie, would you please just shut the F up. I am so sick of your drivel! Are you a delegate? What have you done to promote Ron Paul?
Please do not include me in your "we". It appears to me you have nothing better to do that stir up trouble. And YOU AVOID MY QUESTIONS! Are you a delegate?

Formerly rprevolutionist

Do you realize how much control you give me?

You cannot stop me from posting my concerns *with evidence*.

And you keep popping those threads with my posts to the top.

Great job, everyone, of passing the "Steve Parent message".

The question is whether the lurkers are getting my message or "yours"-

"Steve Parent" ignores my requests for his information, so you think I will answer any of yours?

You're joking, aren't you?

You simply give me more opportunities to *reply* to keep threads active vs. a self-bumps like "Steve Parent" constantly does-

Sure your posts keep coming up,

but that doesn't mean that anyone is getting your "message." I've read several of your posts and still have no idea what your message is. You seem to disagree with the Paul campaign's strategy to maximize delegates, but it's not clear why or what you want it to do instead.

George Dance

George Dance

Robbing Ron Paul

I second that

Shut up!! What's your problem "Laurie"? Your psychotic obsession with Steve Parent is a joke. Either you are envious of him or you have a crush on him. Which is it? Get off it.

Gosh how great would that be.

Ssadly tho if RP supporters take the delegates again the the NEO-CON senior GOP leaders will just walk out like that slimy person Beers did in Nevada. If this happens enough times then people will grow tired and begin to wake up to what is happening in droves. Change happens one person at a time.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here led by example today?

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