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The big sky...no longer big medicine

I used to gaze into the sky whenever I felt stressed out, angry or generally in a bad way. There used to be a sense of deep calming awe when sky watching. Here now in upstate NY, I've become increasingly enraged whenever I look to the heavens. Chemtrails have become a daily occurance - especially this past week. So sad.

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Chemtrails are not what you think they are

When you drop a chunk of dry ice in water, what is the "smoke" that you see composed of? Think carefully. This is a trick question.

If you think the answer is carbon dioxide, please do me a favor and don't ever mention the word chemtrails again. You don't know what you are talking about, and you make RP supporters look like fools.

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sorry mr. smarty pants...

Didn't mean to kill your ego buzz. Don't know about you, but I spend way too much time reading about and researching all of this very disturbing crap. If you would like to point me in the direction of your brilliant sources so that my more aptly researched posts don't offend you so, that would be great. Oh,and BTW:

Also, I've been an RP supporter for quite some time and am no fool

I like broccoli...I must be a terrorist.


I hate to sound like an elitist ass. I apologize.
I am quite frustrated, as I have had this happen several times now:

"Chemtrails" are water vapor...
... and so is the smoke in dry ice. It is the same phenomena: condensation of water vapor. Hot air from the jet engine expands rapidly upon leaving the high-pressure environment of the engine nacelle and, as a consequence, loses heat. Moisture from the atmosphere condenses in this freshly cold region and forms (literally) a cloud. The reason different contrails look different is contingent on ambient air temperature/humidity as well as the operating temperature of the engine that made the trails.

More often than I would like to acknowledge, I talk to people about Ron Paul's platform and why the republican party left its principles, and the problems that we face in the near future. But many people can't get around the conspiracy theories. They associate (incorrectly, of course) the candidate with all of the loony ideas about chemtrails and fluoridated water and 9/11 truthers. Or, worse than that, they assign equal weight to the idea that the Fed is deliberately ruining the country and the idea that the government is trying to gas us from the air or poison our drinking water.

The 9/11 thing, I concede may have been inside. I can't prove it. And the detractors can't either. All either side has are either arguments from authority or ad-hoc/circumstantial evidence.

But the fluoridated water and chemtrails, I can actually speak about with some expertise. And it isn't something that is being buried. The knowledge and data is out there to view for yourself in a first semester chemistry course. There is a difference between opinion and fact, and the internet is full of both.

Ron Paul supporters are not fools. But conspiracy theorists make those not in the fold think otherwise. And for some of the wild claims that the conspiracy crowd makes, I can't say I completely blame them. It makes our statements about the Fed, about the NAU, etc look like noise to them.

Again. I apologize. But its wasted effort on all sides to (worry about/debunk) phantom threats.
We just had our convention in AZ. It's been a long day.

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Why such antimosity?

Ron Paul supporters come in all shapes and sizes and from many walks of life. It's people who attack others for expressing different oppinions who make themselves look like fools. What you do reflects your character and is your action alone. It does not represent Ron Paul or his campaign. Remember that.

Why not respect others for expressing their feelings and if you disagree do so in a an inteligent and productive manner? Why not challenge their opinion with discourse instead of using childish insults?


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"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

Sorry, to hear of what is happening.

Take comfort that the good Dr. continues his efforts and our numbers are growing especially as the economy tanks. Peace

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