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Another Random Act of Jealousy

It's Just Little Ole Me - Underdog.

When you are under daily video surveillance by jealous hag whores then random acts of jealousy occur.

I told my minor son that I was expecting a delivery from JCPenney by FedEx for Mother's Day.

Yesterday an attempted delivery was made. I didn't hear the entrance buzzer, nor did I get a knock on my door. A tag was left at the entrance.

Today I checked on-line at 12:15 pm to see if my package was out for delivery. The message said an attempted delivery was made at 11:15 am but nobody was home or the business was closed. So, I went to the building entrances to get my tag - there wasn't a tag at either entrance. I checked the buzzer at both entrances and they worked. I didn't get a knock on my door.

Oh where, oh where, can my package be?
Oh where, oh where, can it be?

This is just another random act of jealousy which interfered with my Mother's Day plans.

You would think Froggy and Fishy would have plenty of rape money in their bank accounts and Swiss account from raping me and my minor son to buy dope, dick, and drink to keep them happy and out of my life, but as usual whores will always need more. Even if more means ruining someones Mother's Day plans.

My deepest sympathy to the people who lost their mother in 9-ll and the grudge goat wars. Shame on Froggy and Fishy.

The cynical hag whores didn't lose any of their loved-ones in 9-ll or the grudge goat wars. They got plenty of rape/kill money to buy dope, dick, and drink for the rest of their cynical hag whore lives.

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I'm at a loss for words.

I'm at a loss for words. LOL. What is this?


What are you talking about?


What are you talking about?

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