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Barns and Nobles got rid of the political book table in my area

They ended up placeing everything in the on the shelves, but had there display books that are at the end , Ron book wasn't one of them. Instead of arguing, or making a statement, I just switched out books, placed Rons out there and left. It must have been an employee's fault for not placing it where it should be, oh well I'll just fix those problems myself instead of dealing with the establishment. After all we all have are part in making this a better country. (A little bit of sarcasm in there about it being the employee's fault in case you didn't see it.) I say just fix it yourself, they will get the same message.

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i did that at borders, and

i did that at borders, and kept doing it till a ron paul supporter that worked there put up 3 displays for his book.


Thank you for being so

Thank you for being so considerate!!! :-)

Formerly rprevolutionist

Good Idea

You might very well have saved that misguided/error-making employee's job! A lesson here for all of us to follow when visiting our local bookstores. teehee teehee


I would hate for someone to

loose there job for a mistake like that.