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Reddit: Analysis: RP was right again, the Beirut Violence in Context

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We need to get the real story out there so we don't end up intervening in yet another ME conflict.

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Our president visits Jerusalem

to celebrate the creation of the state of Israel and the outright theft of Palestinians' homes.


And then we wonder why they hate us?

I've found znet to be a

I've found znet to be a pretty good resource...thanks for the link.

i have to wonder...

have you ever asked yourself why all the fighting occurs over these lands?? could this have anything to do with 2012? what exactly are all these people wanting these particular areas for? and WHY is OUR government so interested?


It's their home

The Palestinians consider Palestine their home.
Hizbullah and the Shiites consider Lebanon their home.

Would you not fight for your home?

100 years ago the Jews came and settled there backed by the imperial powers of the UK and now the US. Since then, they've been trying to convince the world that that's their home too, even though it isn't. So, you hear about the Biblical promises and the prophecies ad nauseam for justification purposes.

The entire region has a long history of welcoming and hospitality. So, there was no issue at first. It was only after the Jews chose to impose themselves on the indigenous population by creating their own exclusive nation did the problems start.

Today we are paying the price for this imperial hubris.

Why we choose to back the Jews is a mystery? There are many theories ranging from the the Israel lobby taking control of the American government to using the Jews as a thorn in the Arabs' side in an effort to control their oil.

thank you

for your comment. i truly believe this has something to do with the holy sites in this area of the world. i will look into why we support the jews.


excellent article!

Hizbullah is a justified resistance group aimed at thwarting any attack from Israel just as they did in the summer of 2006.

The Israelis have a long history of holding on to land they occupy. It was not until the Hizbullah forces inflicted untold casualties on the Israeli army did they finally withdraw from Lebanon unconditionally in 2000 after an 18 year occupation. Sadly, these guys only understand the language of force.

Hizbullah today can easily defeat the Lebanese army, but they choose not to do so. In fact, the bulk of the Lebanese army are Shiites just like Hizbullah. Most would refuse to fight.

The Lebanese army took an incredibly smart diplomatic role in the latest conflict by being neutral. Perhaps the US can learn a thing or two from that position of neutrality. A conflict that could have resulted in an untold number of deaths on both sides of the Lebanese conflict was thwarted.

In fact, I am almost positive that the decision to dismantle Hizbullah's communication network was given by the Bush administration. That's what gave the Lebanese government the courage to take that decision, otherwise they wouldn't have. It's no coincidence, either, that the the US recently deployed one of its battleships right across the coast from Lebanon.

If Palestinians were to ever have a state in the West Bank, they will have to do exactly what Hizbullah has been doing - inflict casualties on the Israelis till they get their land back. The whole peace process and US interventionism is a mockery intended to buy time that would allow Jews to build more settlements.

"I am almost positive that

"I am almost positive that the decision to dismantle Hizbullah's communication network was given by the Bush administration."
Exactly what I was thinking, they had to know that the U.S. and/or Israel had their back if things got really bad.
I wish this topic wasn't so taboo...

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