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'Recommend' friendly review to promote RP's "Revolution"

Help spread the word about Ron Paul's "The Revolution: A Manifesto", by clicking "Recommend" on this OC Register friendly book review:


The writer, J.H. Hubert, posted the following comment on LewRockwell.com today...

'The Revolution reviewed
Posted by J.H. Huebert at May 10, 2008 12:14 AM

My review of Ron Paul's book will appear in Sunday's Orange County Register -- but it's online now.

If you appreciate the review, you can click on the "Recommend" button at the top of the article. If enough people do this, it will become one of the "most recommended" articles at the OCR -- and then there will be a link to it from essentially every single page on the OCR's website, potentially making many more people aware of the book.

In other words, there could be free advertising all over a major newspaper's website for Ron Paul's book.

But only if enough of you find the review worthwhile and click "Recommend."'

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Everybody 'Recommend' this article...

Free advertising for RP's The Revolution on the OC Register website - the most recommended articles show up on every page.

It won't let me click anything.

The Delegate Rule Book for the RNC
Read It--Learn It--Know It! Don't let the GOP violate the rules.
Who knows you could learn a few tricks of your own.
pdf file:

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Look under the title, just above the main text...

Look under the title, just above the main text, where it says "Recommend" - click on "Recommend" and it should then show an updated count. It's at 1026 after I just clicked it again.... looks like this:

Adjunct faculty member at the Ludwig von mises institute
Comments 1| Recommend 1026

How frustrating it must be to be Ron Paul.