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Chavez accused of sponsoring terrorism


I guess we'll hit Venezuela soon too. Aaron Russo predicted this after being told about it by Nick Rockefeller.

Funny, Venezuela is one of those few countries left without a Rothschild-run central bank (like Iraq, Iran, Syria, N. Korea, Sudan).

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Don't You See?

In God We Trust!

I remember watching a video about 6 months ago that was about America, it's enemies ( at least who the gangster Bush admin call enemies ) and when you reviewed all those on the so called "Axis of Evil list" Korea was on that list. Why is it that we haven't, nor will we ever attack Korea?
It's because they haven't any oil!
The video showed all whom we have attacked and will attack, and it was very correct and acurate. All we have attacked, including Afganistan was to do with oil and or oil pipe lines.
Venezuala was mentioned as one who would eventually be attacked by the US thugs and they were correct once again.
Hell awaits Bloody George and his gang, so hang in there everyone and pray the Lord send him ( them) there soon......very soon!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

chavez is not the

chavez is not the bad guy the msm makes him out to be. in fact, i view him as a hero to his people.if you havent seen "the revolution will not be televised" i recommend you do. i was so moved by the people who stood by him to overthrow the coup against him and got him back in power. i really hope that that kind of patriotism emerges out of america some day. i applaud the people of venizuela who stood up for thier cause. is he perfect ? no, but the poor people (which accounts for about 80% of the venizuelans) and the military loved the guy enough to stand and fight for the guy. thats real patriotism! something we need badly in this country. anyone who has the guts to come to our country and called Bush "the devil" is ok by me! when i watched this movie, i kept thinking if ron paul won the presidency, he would be facing the same kind of bullshit chavez went through. and the msm would beat on him daily with lies causing people to hate him and maybe even try to encourage poeple to have him impeached. the people of venizuela were smart, they knew what msm was saying was BS. would there be enough smart people in this country to stand up for Dr.Paul or would they believe the lies of msm and throw him out? watch the movie " the revolution will not be televised" great movie

This is really funny

it should be on comedy central because they could be talking about every country in the world. Peace

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Wow, sounds like Bush to me:

Hugo Chávez has been accused of many things: squandering his country's petroleum income, suppressing opposition media, using his army to intimidate the citizenry, compromising the populace's access to food and even exporting his brand of authoritarian socialism to neighbouring countries by means of publicity and under-the-table cash.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


Who isn't accused of "sponsoring Terror"?

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Any country that don't

go with U.S. plans are either terroist or support them, according to our corrupt, terroist goverment