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AZ GOP Convention a farce - Don't you guys care about this?

Well, I went as a delegate to the AZ State GOP convention today. There were a lot of Ron Paul supporters. I was impressed. We were instructed to just keep to ourselves and mingle. We did not create any kind of commotion and no one knew who the Ron Paul people were because we blended in.

We had a slate that everyone knew was our slate. BUT the neocons killed us. How? They had a McCain slate and they pushed it every time they got a chance. I mean every person who got up and spoke (starting with Jon Kyl, our other senator) pushed the McCain slate as the one to vote for. "Those are the true Republicans, blah, blah, blah." This went on when we split up to go to our own congressional delegate rooms. Then, it got worse. When we went back in to vote for delegates and alternates at large, the head of AZ GOP again advertised their slate. He even had another one that was updated and made sure it was handed out. Some people tried to call "Point of Order." These weren't even Ron Paul people but they knew the rules. They were shut down.

So, the vote went on. And guess who got all of the slots? Of course, the McCain slate. The lemmings went right off the cliff following after. I was so disgusted and ashamed. I thought "how can Americans think this is a democratic form of voting?" This was a dictatorship. We were told who to vote for so everyone did. I believe RP got about 40% but that wasn't enough.

So, we will have to fight and become PCs. They are who eventually run the party. In order to do that, you all have to become involved. This is not just a battle, this is a war.

Oh, and one more thing. I was totally disgusted that my senator who is running for president didn't even have the decency to show up at our convention. Jon Kyl had to do it for him. That is pathetic.

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I was an AZ delegate

I was a state delegate.

We were trounced because Ron Paul supporters were outnumbered by far and the Party lined up a roster of delegates who believe that we should get behind McCain because he doesn't suck as much as the Democrats. Without MANY more RP supporters as delegates, there was nothing to be done about it.

Now what?

Is there really a future in the Republican party?

Should I spend my time getting elected as a PC and working within the party to try and change it? Or should I spend that time working on getting myself positioned for the crash, working in the garden, installing water harvesing, going to the gun range, etc?

Or should I join the LP and become a candidate so I can speak at forums and be quoted in the newspapers?

Unfortunately & Fortunately

BOTH Aloha

You are totally echoing the thoughts I have been having lately.

But I have decided to soldier on for now with the Republican Party while I make preparations for the possible future crash and loss of all our liberties. But I have to be honest..if money was no object I would be taking my whole family and leaving the United States and finding me some deserted island.


Although I am one who is registered as an Independant voter, I would like to see Ron Paul to be able to get in there somehow. I would give him my vote! I refuse to vote for the cadidates that they are tying to currently throw at us! I won't let that circus sway me neither.

ThunderBirdWoman in AZ.

ThunderBirdWoman in AZ.

Some points...

I, like many others, left after casting my ballot for alternate delegates in the at large vote.

1. I heard zero calls for a point of order. Zero.

2. The party leaders made it very clear which slate was the McCain slate. Fair enough.

3. The party leaders made it clear they wanted everyone to vote for the McCain unity slate. Not good.

4. The incognito nature of the consensus slate was lame, and the creation of the red herring Ron Paul slate was lame too.

5. McCain's no-show was indicative of his character, IMHO.

6. The pastor's invocation disturbed me greatly. Paraphrased, he stated that government was a vehicle for achieving religious goals; and government and religion are intertwined. These comments received raucous applause. Anyone who wants their religion to survive, needs some long hard reading in a history book.


You seem to be all over this site today. What's the occasion? And I detect a very snide tone to your question. What's up with that? This person showed up at the convention. What's your beef?

Showing up....

...is the minimum requirement.


I just got an email from the Juan McCain campaign asking me to be a National Delegate for HIM! Yes, several months back when it looked like it would go to McCain, I signed up on McCain Campaign website, I held my nose to do this. Anyway, my point is WE need to do like THEY do! We need to be our own opposition! Just like there is little difference detween Dems and Reps. and I think they work together to the same ends alot. We need to be the McCain slate! Yes, I now that many on the McCain slate are long time party activists and it is hard to get "in", but AFTER we have the Ron Paul slate filled, go undercover to become the McCain Team!

Also, what if Paul people had produced a slate identical to McCains, purple, same heading, that had our people on it instead, within one hour, maybe with "Revised" in the heading? Could we have handed it out in order to promote choas in the McCain camp? And maybe gotten more votes? Fight fire with fire! Just a thought! This is a game of inches and every inch counts!


That has a brilliant ring to it. I would like to think that through. The one main thing that made me so sick was how they had the microphone... It seemed like every other minute someone was up there telling the sheeple which slate to vote for. Confusing them and opening the door to making them thnk a little would have been great. I like your identical slate idea. I would also tie it to another slate that listed those delegates who support pro life...strong economy...medical choice...etc (not to mention Liberty!)
How many State conventions are left?

Be the Miracle!



Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?


Ron Pauls campaign and keep calling them. We got the doners list here. Also I think you go to http://fundrace.huffingtonpost.com/neighbors.php?type=name&l... and you can get all the doners for your state

The stealth element of this bugged me, a lot

Yesterday morning I was extremely uncomfortable being asked to hand out phony slates as part of a larger "psy-op". This kind of thing is just not for me.

And it would have been nice if the word "CONSENSUS" were spelled correctly.

You were asked

to hand out phony slates? I did not know where those came from. What it did was annoy people even more. The non-RP people I talked to thought it was some way of distracting or dividing people and they didn't like it. They thought it was Ron Paul and he was the bad guy. I don't think it was a good idea, at all!


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Let me clarify

I *thought* they were the phony ones. It turns out they were the real ones. But what did I know? I never really had all the information because people were too scared to tell me all the details before the convention. I thought that maybe something had changed, because something about it seemed wrong - including the fact that it had a bunch of hardcore McCain people listed in my CD.

This supposed "plan" didn't accomplish anything, in fact it probably knocked the effort back a bit. It was a bad idea (in my opinion), but it's water under the bridge at this point. I can only hope that people in other states don't do anything like this at their conventions.

No, the real slate....

had to be handed out early because barely any volunteers showed up on time.

IT should have been handed out when breaking for the CD elections. However, it had to go early because by 8:30 we had a grand total of 3 non-delegate, non-alternate volunteers available to help.

Hence, the party recognized the consensus slate in time to play it down from the podium and play up the McCain one.

In the future, when volunteers are asked to show up by 8 am that means 7:45 am. Further, by 8 all vols should have obtained their guest credentials and been ready to volunteer by 8:01.

It's how we won in NV. Everyone showing up early and prepared.

That is not to say the vol help was not appreciated. It was. But as you aptly point out, it was to no avail.

It still wasn't the "real" slate

It had McCain people listed for all the CD delegate slots, or at least for my district. So apparently it was partially phony. But how was I or anyone supposed to know that? And how could I be expected to "sell" that slate to other non-RP delegates? It was much later that I discovered that there was a separate "real" list of 3 RP-friendly delegates to vote for in my district.

Yes it was.....

Because so few RP people submitted their apps for delegate on time, the best set of people that could be found were put onto the slates. All of the known RP supporters who submitted plus the top anti-mccain people. The rest resembled the McCain slate.

Again, rather than complaining what ACTION did you take?

How many PCs did you personally recruit?

How many state delegates did you get elected?

Did you submit your app for national delegate on time?

THOSE are the measures of success. Not how you "feel".

It would have been nice to know that in advance

Don't give me this bullsh** questioning what I have or haven't done. If you're trying to piss off all the people who have committed to this effort, just go ahead and keep talking like that.

And this thread here? It's not about you. If you don't like what people have to say when they talk to each other, too damn bad.

Thank you

for calling him out. I really wanted to myself, but it was not my place. If he starts any shit with me or any of the other CO delegates after our convention, then it will be my turn.

Facts vs. Emotion

Do you think John McCain and the GOP leadership care about your feelings?

Gil, how many precincts did you walk for Dr. Paul. Just give a number.

You are awfully quick to criticise yet short on delivering results.

The more I read your comments

the less inclined I am to believe anything you say. None of these people got paid a dime. They only gave of themselves. You, on the other hand, are/were a paid RP staffer, no?


but the people who were ACTUALLY there in this thread all said it was the numbers.

Do you know something they don't, Gil. Were you there? Or do you just want to complain?

5 new PC's in AZ from me.

I've committed to find and sign up 5 new RP PC's in AZ. (how's that for alphabet soup!)

I have one already. Time is short. Each PC's need 15 sigs, maybe only 10 in some areas, and the need to be in by 6/2/08 to be safe. They don't even have to go to the freekin' meetings most of the time. We can carry their proxy. One guy in my PC had 15 proxy votes at a recent meeting. Now there's power at the ballot box.

If we all got 5 more we'd be half The way to taking over the AZ GOP. Then WE can write the rules and THEY can pony up to OUR bar or take a hike.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

Average Joe = Super RP supporter!

Average Joe knows what it takes to win!

Thanks Average Joe!

You guys are on it!

You guys are on it!

We all care..

We're just ignorant about what to do. This is new to most of us, and we must fight seasoned veterans who know the ropes. Too bad we couldn't get our act together sooner, but who knew.

Your post helps us learn, thanks for yourr time and effort.

We don't know how to mind our own business
'Cause the whole worlds got to be just like us
Now we are fighting a war over there
No matter who's the winner
We can't pay the cost
-Steppenwolf 1969

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


i am 18 years old

they say any people from my age to 23 or so are a huge part of the support but the older pro's so to speak are of more understanding ... there time in this life has been longer than mine but I am determined to bealive in the way things are done here ..... the message and the education of this rEVOLution...

i slept in till 12:20 on that saturday........

i feel like the mass's here in gilbert are very stuuupid and dont have a real state of mind or real refferance about what is going on outside of the mainstream televission/radio/newspaper .... i bealive this campaign has and is opening minds all over the world ....

peace and love

A potisive reality is born from positive thinking...

"Universal Truth Is Not Measured In Mass Appeal" - Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch.

Nice Sentiment, but....

... it doesn't win conventions.

You could have become a PC and state delegate. We needed you.

I care.

I care.