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Leader of GOP National Convention quits after Myanmar ties reported

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The man picked by the John McCain campaign to run the 2008 Republican National Convention resigned Saturday after a report that his lobbying firm used to represent the military regime in Myanmar.

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McCain is'nt even nominated

He should not be involved in the selection process when he's not even nominated. The RNC is crooked as a dogs hind leg.

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People worldwide support Dr. Paul too :-)

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Exactly, but we want to keep

Exactly, but we want to keep pounding our heads against a brick wall and it won't work fast enough, if at all. I prefer going around the wall which is possible.

Folks the party system is

Folks the party system is broken and we don't have 10-12 years to mount an attack from the ground up. I highly doubt we have more than three. We need RP in the White House. Like I said, if you want to walk the walk, let's have RP run third party and donate our stimulas checks for him to run on.

1,000,000 vote for RP
600 check per person

600,000,000 of coin to campaign on. We can buy blocks of time by the hour from the MSM to spread the message.

What I want to know is.....

Why does the McCain campaign get to pick the person who is going to run the convention? Sounds to me like Dr. Paul couldn't ever get even a partial fair deal at a place that is being run by someone hand picked by McCain.

How does that happen?

Corruption, generally.

Corruption, generally.