A Message from Ron Paul

June 28, 2007

Dear Friend,

From time to time, I'm going to send you my thoughts during this campaign. Your support is so important to me, and I want you to know what's happening.

Today, we had good news from the US Senate -- not exactly a normal occurrence -- when the president's immigration bill went down in flames.

Here we had a vastly expensive piece of legislation that would have made the immigration problem worse, and put more controls on the economy. So naturally, the entire establishment was behind it. It was a slam-dunk, or so they thought. Then the American people got riled up, and despite all the special interests, the pressure, the media, and the money, scared the politicians enough to vote the right way.

If our campaign succeeds, this will happen on a whole range of issues. The politicians will hear from the people on foreign wars, high taxes, Fed inflation, and all the other plagues visited on us by DC. And listen they will.

And speaking of our campaign, I am very excited by the Iowa rally this Saturday. This is an historic moment. Of course, the Iowa Christian Alliance and Iowans for Tax Relief had the right to exclude the most pro-life, anti-tax candidate in the race. But when they did so, people rose up. So we are holding a rally that will reverberate around this country. Our campaign goes from strength to strength, but I am convinced that this Saturday will be very important in the fight for a free, peaceful, and prosperous America.

Maybe you can come to the rally. In any event, I know you’ll be there in spirit, and I’ll write you all about it afterwards. Your support in this race means everything to my family and me.

Warmest regards,


PS: Because of people like you, I don't need the $100 million the establishment candidates will have. But I do need your help. $25, $50, $100, or even more--whatever you can send would do so much good, and be so much help. Thank you!

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Too much honey?

Not to be a nitpicker, but I thought this line had a little too much honey and sugar:

"Your support is so important to me, and I want you to know what's happening."

Key word: so

Possible improvements:

"Your support is important to me, and I want you to know what's happening."


"I appreciate your support and want to keep you updated."

You could also get rid of the first paragraph entirely and just start with the second paragragh, "Today, we had good news . . ."

But nice message all the same. Keep up the great work, Dr. No.

Leadership 2008

I use to have compassion for individuals who were "brainwashed" by the likes of "Rudi McRomney"... However, now I can only feel sorry for you..

Leadership is Action Through *Example Not Position...

(It is not a position of power nor being in the right place at the right time, neither define leadership).

It is defined by setting the example through taking action on such Leadership Traits as Truthfulness! Honesty! Fidelity!

Ron Paul Has Acted Admirably On All These Leadership Traits:

“Truthfulness” first and foremost… Then: Principle, Integrity, Honesty,* Fidelity (to their oaths), Honor, Virtue, Compassion, Courage, Vision, Wisdom and Faith.


Dr. Paul, you are a bright light in very dark times

We sometimes think that because the birds are singing the wolves are miles and miles away.

Dr. Paul I am glad to be a legal immigrant in a country where at least one contender is not discouraged by who's applauding who, how loud they are, nor what the statistics say. I mean that in the sense that you don't accept the traditional indicators of success. A lot of people saw your famous exchange with The Mayor and saw a great comeback from him. A lot of people saw something different. The race for the White House is not Jerry Springer. Comebacks don't count much. Your response with the reading list caught the entire lot of your opponents (both sides I might add) unprepared. You brought to the table information not on the menu. But not only did you bring it but you created a forum for its presentation by going to the National Press Club. By his response, Rudy Giuliani opened the door for your rebuttal. None of the other candidates up there has had the presence and clarity of mind to forcefully deny that the debate ends on TV. You broke out of the box. Sadly most don't even see the box.

I tend to be a member of the bleeding heart corner of libertarianism, but gosh darn it if I had more I'd give more to those in need. It galls me to think that I'm not allowed to choose how I help because I have to give to a governmental body that claims to help. I hope to see this change.

I do have some questions and I wonder what the best way to reach you would be.