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The latest from Colorado

I just received this e-mail:

I just wanted to fill you in on the meeting I had with Dick Wadhams (Colorado Republican Party Chair) on Tuesday, May 13th.

He was very nice, and I was accompanied by Dick Poole, assistant to Sen. Allard.

I had sent Mr. W a copy of two of the many letters I've received over the last few months, where it said that the state chair was involved or spearheading the bigoted attacks on RP supporters at Republican events.

I asked him point blank if he was giving any kind of instructions to further split our party by doing the things mentioned in the letters. He looked me straight in the eyes, and said, "No!"

He went further and said: I'm not going to try to bind you to McCain, I don't care who your presidential preference is, and per the CO GOP Bylaws AND according to CO State Law, I can't bind you! I didn't know if you knew that. We are an unbound state. Hmmmmm....no I didn't know there was a State law about this.

I then asked him if they can change the rules before the meeting to attempt to keep RP people out or bar them from getting elected. He said an emphatic, "NO!" He continued, and said if any Executive Committee member of any kind (District Captain or higher) tries to do anything like that, to let him or the GOP attorney (one of which will be on site for all assemblies and the convention) know and they will quash that! He said he will NOT tolerate that kind of behavior. He then asked me to send him any names of people in any Executive position that is doing this pooh-poohing of us in regular GOP functions, and he will address it immediately. BUT!!! If it's just someone that is running a breakfast and such, and is not an Executive Committee member, there is nothing he can do about that, for that is freedom of speech.

I agreed with him on that point and told him that if something like that comes up again, we will stand up right there and ask the person doing this why they are acting like a Democrat in trying to push away other Republican voters that could make or break Bob Schaffer's election, that we should embrace all Republicans to help unite them and focus on the State and not the national results. I, personally, will tell them that this is exactly WHY I had a meeting with Mr. W so that we could END this kind of bad behavior!

I then asked him to please (3rd request) extend an invitation to Dr. Paul to speak at our State Convention. He said, "No." He said he had explained this to Carl several times, but he is standing firm on that since McCain IS the nominee (I said presumed nominee) and that he, as the State Chair, has an obligation to support JM. I then quoted the State bylaws about neutrality. He said he had not even attended any Presidential function for any candidate when no one was assured the nomination to maintain that neutrality, but now that JM is assured the nomination, there is no longer a primary.

I then asked, how has he assured the nomination? Have votes actually been cast? He agreed they had not, but that JM had so many from bound states, there is no way he will not get the nomination, so as far as he was concerned, he IS our nominee! He also said that unless JM dropped out of the race or died during the summer, he is the nominee. So he is standing firm on the fact that he will not extend an invitation. BUT, if RP just shows up? Will he be let in? I don't think Mr. W would be disrespectful of an 11 term, sitting Republican Congressman and not let him inside to speak. He may not be extending an invitation, but he does seem respectful of fellow Republicans.

I then said, OK, you have given me a no, I now deserve a yes. I then asked him if he would consider sending out a letter to the GOP County and Congressional Executive committees and ask for this awful treatment of RP supporters to STOP! A call for unity! To embrace our passion, activism and fund-raising capabilities and put them to good use to focus on our state races. HE AGREED!!!! This is huge people! I'm waiting to see if one of my many Ex. Committee contacts sends it to me soon, and if not, I'll remind him again.

He then said he has a concern about the assemblies and the convention, from what has been happening around the country, about the RP people causing problems at these events. I told him that we have concerns about the assemblies and the convention, from what has been happening around the country, about the State GOP causing problems at these events. I told him, we are going out of our way to procure the rules and bylaws (which has been like pulling teeth, and he explained that many CD's simply have not written bylaws, so the State bylaws will rule in those cases) so that we know how and why to play by the rules. ALL WE ASK IS THAT THE GOP DO THE SAME!!!

He said he will make sure that the GOP follows the rules, will acknowledge any points of order or objections, etc. as long as "our" people follow the rules and don't try to just make the meeting drone on for no good apparent reason or cause any uncalled for disruption. We shook hands on that one, so folks? PLEASE! Be alert! Listen to everything they say! If it does not follow the rules, object! Be ready! BUT!!! Please, PLEASE, do not disrupt or prolong the meeting just because you can.

In a nutshell, we agreed to disagree about John McCain. He says he likes Ron Paul. He wants to help unite the RP Republicans and the established Republicans here in Colorado.

Let's give the local GOP a cautions chance, as I'm hoping they will do for us!!! Teamwork will get us so much further...let's really give this a try.

Colorado now knows that all of the RP Republicans are in this for the long haul! We are not going to drop out of the Party! We will continue to be active within the Party to get as many RP like Republicans elected!

Please feel free to post this anywhere! Spread it everywhere. Maybe if one passionate Ron Paul Republican from every state goes to talk with their State GOP chair, we can slowly start a mending process that helps all of us as a whole.

Thanks to every single one of you for your amazing work and tireless dedication!

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I think the "Carl" mentioned in this post

is Carl Bruning, Colorado's Ron Paul campaign organizer.

Thank you for this

Thank you for this magnificent post. If the Republicans do everything that they can to alienate the Ron Paul supporters, then they are doomed and maybe some of them are beginning to realize it. Also, some would like to believe the rhetoric of the party, which is exactly the platform that Ron Paul supports. Unfortunately, theirs is just that: rhetoric, while we actually BELIEVE! Anyway, this is really one of the best posts I've read around here in awhile. There are sure some smart and passionate people backing our guy.

You're welcome

And the person who wrote this is a lifelong republican who's one of the smartest and most passionate around.