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Does anyone think that maybe Ron would vote for...


I've heard him several times talk about how he thinks Obama is the best out of the 3... at least on foreign policy... And remember, Dr. Paul always says it was the war that motivated him to get involved in the race... so maybe he'll vote for Obama just for that reason?

I'd have to disagree with him though... I don't think Obama is sincere about the war, I don't think he'll really end it, and I also don't think foreign policy would change (just look at the things Obama has said and the way he's voted).

I can understand why he doesn't want to run third party for the realistic reasons... but then I wonder if maybe he's afraid? Or maybe he doesn't want to betray the party? Maybe he wouldn't out right endorse/support Obama because he doesn't want to betray the party/us/have use think less of him?

I'm sure the party would hate him even more if he endorsed Obama... or anyone other than McCain really... I've heard threats that he could be kicked out... what if they were/are pressuring him or something?

I dunno... it seems like Ron Paul doesn't really want to be president at all and is just in it for the philosophy.... not just now, but the whole time/election season. It makes me wonder if he'd even accept the nomination if there was a miracle and we were able to get it for him.

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He has already voted, People !

RP cast his vote in the Texas Primary !
Do you mean in the general election ? BEFORE the national conventions?
What does that mean "to play us out ? To end the show ?"

flag this thread - it's pointless. Not relevant BEFORE a national convention has even taken place.

...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution

Ron Paul has not endorsed Obama

But I think he is right to suggest that, of the 3 CFR candidates, Obama would do the least danger to freedom. Not because of any advantage in character or lack of will to do harm, but because of his inexperience with working in the halls of power to pass his agenda. But I don't think anyone should compromise on voting. Let's pretend that our votes are still counted and vote Ron Paul, even if we have to write him in : )

EWW i should hope

EWW i should hope not.

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While Obama may tend to be the closest to Paul of the three on foreign policy, there are still miles apart and I am sure Paul know the dangerous warmongering with CHina and Russia advisers that Obama has.
On domestic issues, Obama has the most liberal voting record and Paul the most conservative voting record, so they are MILES apart (if not a planet)! He indicated that domestically he may be closer to McCain than Obama. This does not mean he will vote for McCain either.

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Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica


B, remember when he called Obama a fraud?
FOr him it is has always been about the idea and message, not himself, the messenger, which makes him so attractive. Most candidates are only about themselves and judge the field to see where they would have the best impact, instead of have a set of principals. He did say recently again anything can still happen at the convention and at the same NPR radio interview yesterday he said he does not think the libertarian and conservative delegates will vote for McCain. IMHO he is doing it the right way: he is diplomatic, not divisive and aggressive, and the supporters can be more "aggressive". He is being realistic all the time, he has not want to put too much hope, but also does not exclude that anything postive unexpected can happen. McCain can still stumble, his health record could be a very concerning one (I read the Dems are petitioning to have them released and there is rumor that he has cancer about 4 years left to live...), the Iraq situation can become worse etc.
Dr. Paul could act stronger at times, i feel. If McCain does get elected, it also depends on how the RNC treats Paul and the supporters/delegates.

In case he is not on the ballot box, I am sure he will vote for either Bob Barr or Mary Ruwart, if one of them are the Lp nominee, or then otherwise for Baldwin of the CP in private. He could keep the revolution active and alive after the RNC - if not elected - by campaigning for the RP republicans that won their primaries, to make sure they win or fare very well. I am sure the RP candidates in the GOP will fare better on average than the "non-RP candidates" and after the election this could be an important factor in helping take control of the GOP.

I am not sure whther he will endorse any CP or LP candidate formally, as it is a nother party, just as he probably also cannot endorse a RP candidate running against a GOP incumbent. He can endorse a RP candidate where they run against a GOP incumbant however, I think.

If he would run for third party, what chance do you think he will have to win? And if he does not win, he would have also no representation in congress, no voice to preach in congress and continue the revolution. Also, if he leaves the GOP now, he is not only abandoning all the RP Republicans runnign for congress and senate, but also his existing friends in congress, like Jimmy Duncan, Walter Jones etc etc. I mean there are some good people in both parties also...

BHO's A Democrat !

All he said was that BHO might not have as many soldiers killed. Do you even listen to RP? Or are you starting to succumb to the insinuation of the media that if RP doesn't endorse McCain he MUST endorse one of the others ?

This thread is ridiculous - flagged

...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution


RP has already voted (for himself, i'm sure), as i voted for him on the same day in the Texas primary.

I Have Seen The Constitution

...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution


If you REALLY watched Dr. Paul's interviews, (including his last few FAUX ones), you wouldn't have to ask this question.

When speaking of B. Hussein Obama, Dr. Paul said that he wasn't making any sort of endorsement for him...AT ALL.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

I agree....

but is it really necessary to throw the Hussein in there?

Don't get all worked up either with a "it's just his name." You clearly intended to do it, and frankly, it sounds like your are trying to link the name...much like the media has people actually paying attention to that.

I, for one, considered voting for Obama. I will be writing another candidate in:

Dr. R. Ernest Paul

Of course,

I meant to throw that in. What part of my typing inclined otherwise? If you are a Dr. Paul supporter, on a Dr. Paul support (DAILY PAUL), website, why should you care what I call Barack HUSSEIN os(b)ama???

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Let's be civil

Shall we?

Never happen

Ron Paul only said of the three candidates left running, Obama was slightly better than the other two. That's not saying much. Look what else he said about Obama: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uud-fqelmaI


unless you want people to think you are OneVoiceofReason, I suggest you rethink this post.

Lisa C.


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