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When Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., Commander in Chief, United States Naval Forces, Europe, ordered the cover-up on the attack of the USS LIBERTY GTR-5 it was a sure act of treason perpetrated on the American people and the crew of the LIBERTY to hide the true facts surrounding the unprovoked attack by the Government of Israel on our ship, the USS LIBERTY.

As most of you know, the Government of Israel attacked our ship in international waters on June 8, 1967. On this bright, sunny day our ship had been positively identified as American and friendly. This very fact has been repeated by our attackers, Israel. They knew we were there but around 1:00 they forgot about us. This was the excuse given, that they accidentally took us off their war table, like we just vanished into thin air.

Doesn’t that sound like a fairy tale? Well, it is. How could this lie hold water with the Board of Inquiry conducted by Admiral Isaac Kidd along with Captain Ward Boston, JAG officer, reporting to the Judge Advocate General, USN and Admiral McCain. The answer to that question is very easy. It goes right back to Admiral McCain. He did not want the truth to come out. He ordered those two respected career naval officers to hide, cover-up and lie in their official Board of Inquiry which McCain signed off on in approximately 10 days. Can you imagine a Board of Inquiry of this magnitude could be completed and signed off on in ten days? It is unheard of, ever, in the annuls of US Naval history.

Also, can you imagine this same Admiral would recall all rescue aircraft coming to our aid, along with MacNamara and the president himself, LBJ.

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The Neo-cons and Likud rule without regard to populace.

The shame of the whole matter is the 4th estate is such a special interest tool that the debate is never had. The issues the press brings up are trivial divisive distractions that detract from the underlying problems. These problems related to empires and economic investments in wars (drugs, Islam, Catholics, Baptist) are hurting the citizens. The press fears the APIC as much as the politicians. I never really understand why as both the neo-cons and Likud's are fairly unpopular in there home countries. McCain and the Liberty will never be brought up. The films McCain made in which made Admiral Stockdale wrote letters to stop the traitor talk will never be brought up. You can forget getting issues like the Liberty EVER being brought up. McCain sat on the FCC and in fee's alone Isman received millions effecting billions in radio, newspaper, TV ownership issues regulations is not covered. The FBI going after Spitzer for peccadilloes is front and center. Two years of Natale, Ana Nicole, Peterson is the tabloid press mantra. We have created a monster. It has gotten to the point that race, religion, terrorism are not discussed but propagandized in fear, power and special interest. Corporate fascism run a muck. I am disappointed in the average American, in particular Bush's Nazi comments, Huckabee's Obahma and Mormon comments, McCain's gaffs and Iran comments, Writes and Hagee comments, National Review Paul slanders, Flag pins, race baiting... With more people watching Bush on Deal no Deal than any of the debate it hurts the drumming down of America. Perhaps we get what we deserve because we seem not to care enough to vote.

Crew of USS Liberty: Arlington National Cemetery

Here are pictures of the tombstones of the crew members of the USS Liberty who are buried in Arlington. John Spicher, from my hometown, is at the end of the page.

See: http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/liberty.htm

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I would like to see some documentation regarding "the Senators" panning that completly bs book.