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Alaska converts McCain delegates for Ron Paul

My sister sent me this in my email:

Hope for St. Paul Convention - A successful plan proven by Alaska meetup group for converting delegates to Ron Paul nationwide.by Future Writer - Heather Sarela
A letter from Evan Cutler - Girdwood, Alaska, District 32 Delegate for Ron Paul
Here in Alaska we grew a group of delegates after our primaries into the Alaska Ron Paul Delegates meetup. In that group we pulled together about 70 of our 110 or so Ron Paul delegates in order to work and communicate together for the seven weeks before the state convention.
We did one project that I think bears replication, both for states with pending State Conventions, but also, and most importantly, on a national level, before the St. Paul Convention. First, we realized that mainstream media had been almost completely ignoring Dr. Paul.
According to my own study, which I can provide to Nolan Chart, of the 2,188 mainstream media stories about presidential candidates between January 14th and February 10th, only 4 were about Dr. Ron Paul. Contrast that to:
756 stories about Hillary Clinton
760 stories about Barack Obama
674 stories about about John McCain
424 stories about Mitt Romney
281 stories about Mike Huckebee
While we set the world record for single day campaign contributions the month before, our candidate was virtually ignored just one month later!
So, what could we do? We decided to send our own media, in the form of a DVD, to every single registered delegate and alternate in Alaska before the state convention, on the grounds that at least they could have a chance to learn who Dr. Paul was. This would help counter that "fringe" candidate label the media was applying to Dr. Paul.
And it worked! Not as well as we might have liked, but very well indeed. We found a lot more support at the convention as most the delegates who watched it never before had the opportunity to learn about Dr. Paul before, and many found they were far more in agreement with Dr. Paul, than with John McCain.
I believe we could improve on what we did here in Alaska. We have five months. With the proper support, we could manage a campaign that sends a DVD each month for four months to the national delegates and alternates going to St. Paul. It is far less expensive to have a directed campaign toward 6,900 delegates and alternates, than it is to reach 150 million voters.
I'm willing to help, but not to run this project alone--or at least not run it alone without income; I organized our own project in my spare time, which became none existent for the two weeks it took to make it happen. You can view (and even get your own copy of) our effort here:
[link edited for length]
Replicating (and Improving) this DVD Project on a National Scale
I'm already finding there is interest among other organizers to help make this happen on a national scale! When I suggested the larger scale project to a national Ron Paul Organizers meetup, I was immediately contacted by organizers from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Colorado who also liked the idea. Two of these organizers are planning similar projects now in their states.
My model imagines a series of four DVD's, one sent each month, to each National Delegate and Alternate we can identify. As we get closer to September, more and more will be chosen and identified, so the mailings will get successively larger. This means the most important DVD will be the last one.
We will find a way to allow each state to know their prorated share of manufacturing cost, and use a chip in to pay for it together. This will allow very professional manufacturing at the lowest cost per unit. Then, we will drop ship each DVD as it is ready, to the Ron Paul organizers in each state, who will use their meetups to address and stuff the envelopes to the national delegates in their states. Handwritten addresses and colorful postage stamps of super heroes will get people to open these envelopes.
The DVD cover information will get people to place the DVDs in their players. The content will draw them in and make them thirst to learn more. What they learn will help make them our allies at the convention, so there is no such thing as "US versus Them." Ron Paul Delegates and Activists in every state will call their respective non Ron Paul delegates and make sure they received their DVDs. We have an advantage in this campaign on a national level, as compared to what already worked in Alaska.
We have more time to prepare each video, and to allow people to watch and reflect upon each one. We did pretty well with just a couple weeks lead time on the Alaska Delegate DVD Project. Now we have more weeks of prep time just till the first mailing, then a month more for each successive mailing.
One of the challenges will be to invent that content. As a group, Alaskan delegates did a great job on choosing content for the Alaska DVD, and there is no time like the present to start brainstorming what will go in the series envisioned.
Would you please help me brainstorm a strategic outline of content for this video series?
Let's include the best of the best material we all know of. I will assemble and present brainstorms to the national Ron Paul Organizer and Activists communities for further feedback, and try to settle on a final syllabus all can appreciate.
The purpose here is to educate delegates to the national convention on the most important issues that need to be addressed by the Republican Party. Choosing Ron Paul is of course, our top priority, but there is so much more to share! Remember, we can use these DVD's to propose and explain and advocate for resolutions we will bring to the floor (or try to), so that even regardless of the presidential nominee, the party platform changes.
Some of us retain hope in our hearts and the will to prepare for success. Perhaps to others, we look like Rocky Balboa on the verge of passing out in his first heavy weight fight. But no one knows our real strength comes from the righteousness of our cause. What we seek is not only reasonable, but in every freedom loving American's interest.
The project lets us stop complaining about the media, because we are producing media instead. Think of this opportunity to educate the national leaders of the Republican Party. Already there is national support for this project.
I need all of you who are interested to join in.
If any more of you want to help, please let me know, share your ideas, and let's once again show America what happens when Ron Paul supporters band together to share a dream. This week, I will start a national website dedicated to organizing this project. Send me an email at EvanAlaska@aol.com with "Join National DVD Project" in the subject and I will be sure to invite you to collaborate with us. If you have content suggestions, links, permissions to use content, please type "DVD Content Suggestions" in the subject line.
Evan Cutler
Girdwood, Alaska, District 32 Delegate for Ron Paul
Organizer Alaska Ron Paul Delegates Meetup
Organizer of the Alaska Ron Paul Delegates DVD for Delegates Project
Organizer of the National Ron Paul Delegates DVDs for Delegates Project

to set this up for your state please contact EvanAlaska@aol.com to ask how they did theirs!!!

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I am So Proud of You!

What an imaginative group of people, I am so proud of you, your creativity and most importantly your effort. I was just watching that "Tougher in Alaska Program" last night too!

PyraBang for Liberty

See how the National DVDs for Delegates Project has come along.

Evan Cutler,
National DVDs for Delegates Project, Organizer
www.dvds4delegates.com and
Alaska Ron Paul Delegates, Organizer

Evan Cutler,
National DVDs for Delegates Project, Organizer -- www.dvds4delegates.com and htttp://ronpaul.meetup.com/1873/
Alaska Ron Paul Delegates, Organizer -- http://ronpaul.meetup.com/1826/
Alaska DVD for Delegates, Organizer -- http://www.ronpa

how are your guys getting the contact information for the

delegates?? This is the key issue to getting supporters for this project....

I agree, this is an awesome

I agree, this is an awesome idea. Thankyou for posting this. All the Ron Paul meetup group members should be made aware of this idea so they can help out too.

My Two Cents

I think it's a great idea - 7000 DVDs to the national delegates is not money wasted. Just a thought - how about you make each meetup group responsible for paying for their own DVDs for delegates from their district? This would personalize it and maybe you could have each meetup groups include personal letters of appeal from meetup members to the national delegates. In the words of Officespace, F$*'n A man

Include crowds.

The DVDs should include crowd scenes, marching, chanting sign-wavers, and audience pans at speeches so that delegates can appreciate the excitement the Ron Paul campaign has generated, snide media remarks and pundit putdowns notwithstanding. The rest of the DVD should be issues, issues, issues, the likes of which they will not get from McCain.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

This is how we do it

let us keep this one bumped, this is where my stimulus check is going. This is one of the most important things we can do at this stage of the game. Will you donate?

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


We all need to take example of this, and send all the delegates DVD's. this is one of the best ideas I have heard in a while!

BUMP, keep this post going, and spread the word!!!!

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" (Romans 1:22)



Thats really incredible. I never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity of RP supportors. I'd be happy to support my TN delegates... if I knew how. If any happen to read this, please email and let me know what I can do to help.

That was excellent work!

And it also gives encouragement and a direction to others wishing to emulate your success.

We are all proud of you, and your efforts, and you should be very proud of yourselves as well.

This is a beacon for us all.

Thank you!

I Like It

This is a very interesting idea. Considering that the rules have been broken countless times by the leadership of the Republican Party in censoring Ron Paul's message, we need to pull out all the stops.

I recommend targeting ALL delegates. If they all receive a CD with Ron Paul's positions, who knows what may happen. We all know that people only voted for McCain, and the other CFR candidates because of the disinformation provided by the CFR media, and the CFR National Republican leadership.

We need to expose these gangsters, and a CD on Ron Paul sent to EVERY delegate ought to liven up the Convention. Brilliant idea!

Can pledged delegates vote for whoever they want?

I had seen something about this when it first came out and a quick analysis on ronpaulwarroom.com but nothing detailing whether this is actually possible or simply a waste of time.

Hector Roos
Miami, FL
See our local meetup forum: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=53
Miami Students for Ron Paul:

What is the point of having free will if one cannot spit in the eye of the destiny others leave you with? #ActorofConscience

if a master dVD could be made...

and then just mass duplicated we could really focus on all the national delegates....

Old News for Some...

This was posted on April 1st.


Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....

That is such good news. We

That is such good news. We need to replicate this across the Country.



"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

This is an AWESOME idea!

This is an awesome idea! Although 4 DVD's is a bit too ambitious, and expensive if you ask me. I think it's better to make one good DVD, and make sure that as many delegates watch it. 7000 delegates equals 7000 DVD's might cost about 7000 dollars including mailing. That is, if some volunteers are making the DVD, and others mailing the DVD.

Secondly, I think you should create different chapters, so it is much easier for viewers to digest. In bit's and pieces.

Here some three examples.

Media Blackout - Why the traditional media might not want you to know about your god given, constitutional rights. 11 minutes

Prosperity and true freedom - Why will returning to the constitution will give you, your family, and your children more prosperity then ever before. 9 minutes

Preemptive war - Do the wars in the middle east make US stronger and more save? The facts! 5 minutes

Etc. etc. Just try to make this chapters as short as possible, but try connect them in one long information flow. Easier said then done? Yes, probably. So make as use much of the skills of the directors and editors that made all these video's. And might be a good idea try to involve the community regarding the content (and funding), but have someone who is capable of making the hard decisions.

These where just some ideas, hope it helps.


Dr. William "Doc" Holladay
Nashville, TN


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.


im so impressed, very good, will be contacting you and will keep this bumped as long as i can today.



digg itt

digg itt


I like this approach!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Send em to http://www.apaulogist.com, it's much cheaper! I've been able to convert hundreds of people this way.

This is Noteworthy

We're running out of time, people !


...And, yes, I have seen The Constitution

Spread the message!


Its great! If Huck becomes

Its great! If Huck becomes VP I have no hope here, but I have no meetup group. If anyone wants to send me DVD's of any kind, I will give them out at my GOP meeting 6/12. I gave them all Constitutions last time, will be easy to give dvd's if someone helps me get some...write me here


go bump!

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!