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New Liberty Hour Talk Radio 11am May 16th WAMT 1190am (Orlando)

In a little over an hour the Orlando Liberty Hour will be on the air on WAMT 1190am radio. Or stream it at http://1190wamt.com call in if you can at 4072731190.


Nick Egoroff
Orlando Meetup Organizer
"Men of energy of character must have enemies; because there are two sides to every question, and taking one with decision, and acting on it with effect, those who take the other will of course be hostile in proportion as they feel that effect." --Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, 1817.
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I'm pleased to announce that I will be hosting a new radio show called The Liberty Hour. It will be broadcast on Orlando, Fl station WAMT 1190AM from 11am to 12pm each Friday. Our first show will air May 16th and will be following a traditional 'talk radio' format.

Let me emphasize that this is a REAL station with a broadcast signal that reaches all over Orange County, Florida. We will be sandwiched in the slot proceeding the nationally syndicated Bill O'Reily Radio Factor Show.

Like I said this is real talk radio. So what am I going to talk about? Liberty of course! Let's start by reminding everyone that the US Constitution is the only legitimate form of government. Then we can start exposing the danger that the North American Union poses to our citizens. And wouldn't it be a breath of fresh air to start discussing the Federal Reserve System and the 'Inflation Tax' that hardly ever gets talked about in the MSM. Plus we can use it to build a grassroots coalition to shake up the Orange County political landscape.

I'd like to urge everyone to tune in, but also to call in (407-273-1190). I'm going to have business cards printed up to highlight the show. We are soon going to have a 'Paint the Town Liberty' to really build our audience.

Think big folks... this is a real magical moment in the Orange County Liberty Movement. And I'm going to need all the help I can get. I really want to hear YOUR ideas on how to take advantage of this opportunity. Just think, you can now tell your friends 'hey, take your lunch break at 11am and tune into 1190am radio in your car.' You can also stream it at http://1190wamt.com/

Now for some reality. I'm getting this special slot because Doug Guetzloe has really been impressed by what our RP movement has done here in Orlando. His long-running show, The Guetzloe Report, normally airs Monday through Friday at the 11am to 12pm hour. He really wants to help us hence the generous offer to let me do the Friday show.

This first show on May 16th is a 'freebie'. After that he has asked that we 'pay our own way.' The business model that I have come up with is simple. We find small businesses where we already know the owner. We ask them to sponsor a portion of the show for $100. In return we will create a special Liberty commercial for them highlighting their product. But this is where we separate ourselves from typical bland advertising. We guarantee them that if they'll advertise on the show, every Liberty Loving Patriot will patronize their store.

Here's an example. I went to lunch today with a couple of friends. They knew the owner of the pizzeria. After our meal they introduced me. I explained the new show and that they could get an introductory price. I promised them that their phone would ring off the hook and our folks would come in for lunch. We're now $100 dollars towards the next show. And let me tell you, I've bought a lot of advertising for my former business. This is a steal!

Ok, mark your calendars. Let me have some feedback on both the idea and the show. If you know someone that might like to become a sponsor, call me at 3212289761! I also want to do a website for the show as well.

This was forwarded from Nick The Orlando Meetup organizer

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