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Nevada Ron Paul delegates need your help.


The Nevada Republican convention was closed abruptly and without warning on April 26, 2008 because the voting for delegates to the National Convention was not going according to the desires of the party leadership. A number of delegates plan to insert an advertisement in our local newspaper in Las Vegas, requesting that the state party leaders reconvene the convention. The "Chip In" below is to pay for the advertisement.

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Thanks for everyone that helped.

Here is a picture of the ad in the Nevada newspaper.



still a little bit to go. Hopefully we can get the goal quickly and have the ad up fast.

Is it correct that,

if a quorum to close the convention was not established then the convention was never closed?

I don't believe so

The recess was called illegally so really the convention never closed officially. But a quorom is needed to reconvene, I believe the magic number is around 700 delegates needed in order to hold a quorum and open up the convention back up.

If they re-scheduled the convention and less than that number showed up then they might not be able to reconvene.

I donated $25 to help get the article put in the newspaper.