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US soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war'

This sounds a lot like what I tried to tell McCain supporters after my latest tour overseas. They told me I was part of the "defeat America" crew.


Luis Montalvan, a former army captain, accused high-ranking US officers of numerous failures in Iraq, including turning a blind eye to massive fraud on the part of US contractors.

Ex-Marine Jason Lemieux told how a senior officer had altered a report he had written because it slammed US troops of using excessive force, firing off thousands of rounds of machine gun fire and hundreds of grenades in the face of a feeble four rounds of enemy fire.

Goldsmith accused US officials of censorship.

"Everyone who manages a blog, Facebook or Myspace out of Iraq has to register every video, picture, document of any event they do on mission," Goldsmith told AFP after the hearing.

"You're almost always denied before you are allowed to send them home."

Officials take "hard facts and slice them into small pieces to make them presentable to the secretary of state or the president -- and all with the intent of furthering the occupation of Iraq," Goldsmith added.

That is why I beg the chicken hawks to go over there and see for themselves. Unfortunately, they never do.


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I bet the majority of our

I bet the majority of our soldiers feel the same way as this guy, its just most are afraid to stand up and say it or act on it. We need our men and boys, women and girls to put America first and not some zionist plans for world rule.

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hey david

mom of four boys here, glad you made it home safe and you found your way here,now we can really get to work on serving our Constituion hey?

Amen, Brother.

Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis

He is a hero and a patriot.

He is a hero and a patriot. I left a comment amidst all the "coward ones".

Hi David

Let me understand this -- you returned from overseas deployment and were then told by McCainiacs that you want to defeat America?

That's outrageous.

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In fact, I argue with McCain supporters all the time and get the same response. According to them:

They are the honorable ones, standing up for the Muslims and securing American interests by refusing to give up the fight.

We are guaranteeing defeat for America by speaking out against the war and asking for immediate withdrawal for Iraq.

The insanity is amazing. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, I've started offering help to get McCainiacs overseas. It is very easy to enlist, or find a defense contractor job, or go work for the USO or MWR.

Maybe I should begin my own service. For a fee, I will help any hard core War supporter get closer to the action so that they can show us "defeatists" just how it's done! Heck, I'll do it pro-bono.


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