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How can we change the political landscape back to one of liberty, peace and prosperity?

How can we change the political landscape back to one of liberty, peace and prosperity? It all comes back to money.

I believe it is indisputable that the U.S. electorate as a whole is pretty ignorant when it comes to voting and politics. About 90-95% of the people will never be truly engaged in the political process, and will just pile on to whichever bandwagon happens to be packaged the prettiest. I furthermore believe that with such a huge majority of disengaged; the marketers of these bandwagons have rightly determined that the electorate can only handle a two-dimensional (two-party) version of the issues. Everything is left vs. right as if every issue can be neatly plotted on a straight line between liberal and conservative.

Based on this pessimistic view of our citizenry, there are only two choices to correct our malaise. I believe the only ways to achieve the turnaround is to play within the existing system. That means either taking over and converting one of the existing parties or raising up a third party to the point that it can replace one of the two parties (thus maintaining the two-party system). At the beginning of the process the 90% of the disengaged are irrelevant. The key is to get the leadership and the activist in place. Then with that infrastructure we only have to win the “pretty package” battle to bring the electorate on board.

The good news is that I think we are real close. In the last 12 months huge numbers of pro-liberty activist have joined the cause and many are now running for office and holding leadership positions on local levels. All we really have to do is have more grassroots activist than whichever party we want to replace. As soon as our 3% of the politically engaged is larger than their 3%, then we can begin marketing to the masses. In very quick order, we can go from 3% to 50%, and the party we are replacing will go from 50% to 3%.

We are close, not only because of the upswing in the numbers of our activist, but also because of the complete disintegration of one of the major parties. Of course I am speaking of the Republican party. Every story I have read the last 3 days foretells the doom of the party in the next election and beyond. The best part is that the Republican’s believe that more of their existing rhetoric will help them. It won’t. The landscape is ripe for a new party with the infrastructure and the funding to step forward. Which bring me back to my first point. The only thing we still need is the funding.

The long-term solution to funding is to tap the 90% of the disengaged electorate. They will think that they are engaging in the political process, because they send $50 to the national party once a year, although they probably do not have any idea what they are contributing to. However, before tapping the 90% is an option, we have to make that 3% to 50% jump. The grassroots have demonstrated the ability to raise money, and that is essential, but we really need some heavy-hitters to provide the initial catalyst for the party-conversion marketing plan.

Longer term we could begin picking off existing politicians with a pro-liberty message to change parties. After enough pro-liberty Republicans changed parties (or were voted out of office), the remaining Republicans, in the interest of self-preservation, would decide to either merge with the other big-government party or they would change their positions to jump to the pro-liberty party. This coup would be very susceptible to being taken over by an influx of big-government neocon Republicans, but that is why we had to get the leadership and infrastructure in place first.

Again, I think we are really close and may actually be ready to start marketing to the masses if the funding was in place. As to the new party to replace the Republicans: I don’t really care. I believe the Libertarians have the best structure in place, but it could also be a Constitutional party or any other yet to be created party. The essential component is all of us: the grassroots activist. And I am sure all of us would gladly jump to a new pro-liberty party that had the momentum to replace an existing party.

There you have it! We have arrived! Bring on the billionaires!

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Any Ideas??

Any Ideas??