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Could Hemp revive American industries?

It has been shown that hemp is much more efficient than Corn at producing fuel.

Also the hemp plants can be used for clothing, oil, food, medicine, soap, lotions, and many other things. It is also easier to grow and maintain.

Imagine what the free market could do with this agriculture. We could create a sustainable market here in the US yet the main obstacle to this prosperity is our own government.

I think this issue is something that both dems and republicans can agree on. Both sides need to just be educated on how Hemp is not the same as marijuana. You cannot get high off hemp.

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The reason marijuana was criminalized

was because hemp production competes with the oil, pharmaceutical, paper and textile industries.


would LOVE to see hemp legalized for industrial purposes.

Think of all the new jobs (in every field) that would be created.

This is a brand new BILLION dollar industry.

If 6% of USA were farmed with hemp, we would be completely independent of foreign oil.


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Yup. It is the money tree.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

The reason hemp is forbidden

is that it is too great a competitor to the timber, cotton, and pharmaceutical industries, among others. William Randolph Hearst and the DuPont families engaged a hired gun by the name of Harry Anslinger who in testifying before Congress perjured himself in a world champion way. The hemp plant is also resistant to pests and droughts, will grow almost anywhere, and can be done on a large or small scale. The founders insisted on setting aside a portion of every farmers arable land for the production of this magnificent plant.

Live Free Or Die

Live Free Or Die

Its fun

that's why hemp is illegal. Too much fun for the public on essentially a free plant. It's hard to tax something growing in the backyard. What about the competition with breweries and distilleries as well as the pharmaceutical and textile industries as a reason?

3% of American Landbase Planted in Hemp.

Sometime back I read a study that if 3% of Americas landbase was planted in hemp it would provide all the annual energy needs for the USofA. This blew me away. Also to find out the miniscule amount of damage to the planet. No toxic sprays needed.
One acre of hemp is equal to on acre of forest for fibre, and you get this crop annually. Where as a forest takes 60 plus years to grow.
In some regions, one could harvest two crops per growing season.
Out of interest, I searched for the price of a hemp paper mill and the only place I could find one was in the Ukraine.
I truely believe hemp could solve all of our energy needs.

We don't use hemp in this

We don't use hemp in this manner for the same reason that the big drug companies always develop (and push on us mercilessly) pills to "manage" medical conditions but never, ever to cure them ---- because there is no profit for the established powers-that-be in doing so.

US Gov't was FOR this before it was against it!

Watch this (less than 14-minute) US government propaganda film made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture during WWII touting the virtues of hemp. The film was aimed at farmers at a time when the miltary was facing a shortage of hemp; it shows how hemp is grown and processed into rope and other products.


Another great ...

reason why we need to get govt. out of our faces!

I agree with you 100%

If governments finally get some sense and dispose of the ridiculous drug laws, then hemp could very easily revitalize the economy. Energy independence, superior textiles and very potent medicinal uses are only a few of the benefits the hemp could provide us.
Plus who doesn't like to smoke a joint or two every now and again? ;)

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