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The truth about Bob Barr

"The determination by the financial controllers that Obama is the anointed one may also be shown by the entry into the race of former Georgia congressman Bob Barr as the candidate of the Libertarian Party. Barr will siphon votes away from John McCain and make Obama’s election a certainty, just as Ross Perot did with President George H.W. Bush in 1990, allowing the election to swing to pro-business Democrat Bill Clinton.

Barr’s entry is no accident and serves multiple purposes. According to journalist James P. Tucker, Jr., for instance, attendees at an April 25-28 meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington , D.C. , made a determination to stop Republican candidate Dr. Ron Paul’s momentum in stirring up a political “revolution.” (James P. Tucker, Jr., “Trilateral Commission: Global Elite Gather in D.C.,” Global Research, May 6, 2008)

Dr. Paul, who has been delivering the news that the Federal Reserve by which the bankers rule should be abolished, and that U.S. foreign policy based on military conquest of the world should end, has been causing, according to the Trilateralists cited by Tucker, “significant future damage.” Bob Barr will doubtless be awarded handsomely for his trouble in helping de-fuse Dr. Paul’s movement.

Dr. Paul is to be commended for his stance in taking on the establishment, and from the financiers’ point of view, such populist uprisings as he is leading obviously must be checked. Using a Libertarian candidate to do this costs them nothing, as it is almost comical how the “macho” but outdated laissez-faire economics of the Libertarians play into the hands of the privately-owned banking system which makes all the important economic decisions anyway."

I bet Dr. Paul sees this and this is why he won't associate with the Libertarian Party


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What I wrote in response to this article:

"Gotta disagree with your final assessment. Russian leaders ain’t the key. They all might not know it, but they’re being manipulated just like the leaders across the globe.
The key, as I see it, is individual sovereignty. Knowing your rights, taking responsibility for your life including defending your rights and then extending your knowledge and protection to other people."

Sometimes people only have part of the problem and don't see the other parts of the picture. The author does have collectivist hangups, but I think his assessment of Barr's candidacy is accurate. The guy is all wrong for the 2008 election. The Libertarian Party would be better served by getting local congressman, state reps and other candidates elected to get a good base. The party will be wasting alot of time and money on someone who's just going to chip away at the GOP more.

jshowell, you are absolutely

jshowell, you are absolutely correct in the end of your post. I was a member of the Libertarian Party for over twenty years, but finally gave up on them when they refused, election cycle after election cycle, to fund at least several targeted state house or congressional races, where they could have made a real difference or elected somebody, instead of the insane pissing-in-a-hurricane policy of pouring the bulk of their money and efforts into hopeless, useless, quixotic presidential campaigns in which not one American in 50 would even know they existed. What's that old definition of insanity --- oh yeah, "doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results"?

Author of article linked by original poster is a collectivist.

I read the entire article linked by the OP and in it the author of the article reveals his collectivist philosophy.

He's describing how a "national monetary system" should operate and he says:

"Purchasing power [money] should be provided to all individuals whether they work or not. This is increasingly important as fewer workers are needed due to automation to produce an increasing amount of goods. There is no way to avoid dislocation of workers due to change in an advanced economy, but it is essentially that people be protected from such change even if they decide to opt out of working for a living at all. There are many productive things people can do without having to draw an income from a paying job. The money provided to people regardless of whether they work would constitute the National Dividend envisioned by a Social Credit system. One way to manage such a system would be to require everyone to work until the age of 40, when optional retirement would be offered."

So in my book the author's credibility is shot right there. I'm not saying that his conspiracy theory and statement that Barr is a neocon plant intending to "defuse the Ron Paul campaign" is necessarily false just because he is a collectivist but I'm inclined not to buy what he's saying because of it.


He agrees with abolishing the FED

He doesn't agree with free banking. I see abolishing the FED in one foul swoop without a backup plan as the Ultra depression, so any idea is better than none.

Ive liked Bob Barr for awhile...

And if in the next election the choices are mccain or hilaryor obama... and bob barr running in the LP... my vote will go to him. Did you not see him introduce Ron Paul during that conservative meeting they had? He seemed to be inspired by RP.

However on the other hand... I do have a very very conspiratorial mind... If Barr is in any ways recieving thanks from the tri-lats, or cfr's... then he is a sham artists and must be called out. But as of now I see absoluetly no evidence of that, other then what has been posted here on DP.

Now this is where it becomes crucially important...We must keep DP a reliable source of info. Peoples personal opinions are welcome, even if they are different. But we cannot allow or tolerate dis-info.
Semper Fortis

Semper Fortis

Follow the Dr. they want us

out of the Republican party stay, take it back. We are making a difference.
Let's make Dr. Paul's message the platform for the Republican party. We can do this, stay and we will over whelm them. It would be so great. Peace

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I think if its a

I think if its a Paul/Baldwin ticket they could win! If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, Paul/Baldwin would get many more votes then perot got in 92' I actually think they could win! When Ron Paul gets the nomination in September, he will win the general election in a land slide!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Stop pushing this creep! If you're so impressed with

him, start your own web site for him. This is a Ron Paul web site. Flag every post discussing this guy! He's NOTHING like RP.

stop posting conspiracy

stop posting conspiracy garbage!!! :) please and thank you

Who wrote this socialist-leaning conspiracy drivel?

Calling laissez-faire economics outdated is offensive.
And the writer is just factually incorrect when he says that the banking system if privately owned. My ass! If it truely were, there would be no Federal Reserve.

And btw, I do not support Bob Barr. That guy is a toad. He should go back to the GOP.

Yeah, this is a bunch of nonsense.

Though Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman, he has been (and still is) a member of the Libertarian Party. Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party both are providing an excellent service to Ron Paul supporters by giving them a place to go to register their frustrations in the event that the Paul campaign can't pull off a miracle in St. Paul.

The Libertarians have been toiling hard for liberty for thirty years now, and our "outdated" economic ideas are shared by Ron Paul himself. Most of the older activists in this movement cut their teeth on Libertarian campaigns for decades. For such a tiny party, they have done amazing things for the sake of liberty-most recently, denying the Republicans control of Congress in 2006.

If Barr is the Libertarian nominee, then we all have a place to go to state on record that we are so much against the status quo, and so much for liberty and the Constitution, that we will vote Libertarian before we vote for McCain or Obama; and any party that wants our votes had better move in our direction, but quick.

Moreover, due to the fact that he is a serious politician, who has moved in major political circles, it will signal that the liberty movement's getting serious, and that we are amassing serious political power, to the point where even our throwaway vote party can pick and choose the President by picking a left-leaning or right-leaning candidate.

This conspiracy theory crap you just posted is an insult to all the hard-working Libertarians that have toiled for this movement long before you were aware of it, in all probability.

Yeah, we'll have a place to go, all right

"If Barr is the Libertarian nominee, then we all have a place to go..."

Yeah, to HELL. You either have been CONNED by Barr or you are paid to shill for him.

"an insult to all the hard-working Libertarians..."

Barr is an insult to Ron Paul and all of his HARD-WORKING supporters.

If the libertarian party

If the libertarian party members were smart they'd all ditch the LP and switch to the Republican Party where they stand a hell of a lot more chance to make a difference. That's what Ron Paul did and continues to advocate doing. Actually, the only folks he's endorsed thus far are Republican candidates like BJLawson, Singh, Goldthorpe, Sabrin etc. Sorry LP.....we are going to stick with Ron Paul on this one.

oh.......and flagged for more barr nonsense.

Great, everyone abandons the

Great, everyone abandons the LP and then we have no last line of defense to chnage things if the GOP fails us. Absolutely brilliant.

ummmmmmmmmm the libertarian

ummmmmmmmmm the libertarian party has not changed much at all since their inception in 71. Time to follow ron paul's lead. Republican party invasion dood. How will the GOP fail you if it's made up mostly of us???

I second the Takeover plan

Outnumber the neocons in the RP.

They've Got The Power But We've Got The Numbers!


"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels