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****Just thinking outloud*****

If and when Ron Paul does not get the Republican Nomination..( I think he still has an excellent chance) I would Hope Dr. Paul would consider Running with Chuck Baldwin. I bet Chuck would yield the Constitution party nomination to Ron Paul.. Chuck could be the VP.
the constitution party with a Paul / Baldwin ticket would be huge! Libertarians, Constitution party and Us Ron Paul republicans along with the religious right ,would give that ticket a huge shot in the arm! I think they could even win! Mcinsane would maybe get 20% of the vote in the general election when 3 parties are running.
at some point we are all going to have to concentrate our firepower!
please read below... Chuck Baldwin is a jr. Ron Paul!


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I would like to see Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.

But, this is only my opinion

I think it is silly to think

I think it is silly to think Chuck Baldwin has any chance. He has some pretty extreme religious thinking. I don't think that mixes so well with the president role in this day and age. Ron Paul is religious. But because Ron Paul does not offend other religions, and mostly keeps his own religion out of politics, this is only a good thing.

I've been reading Chuck Baldwin's columns for years

and I'm a big fan. I will consider voting for him in the fall, depending on what happens. That said, I don't want Ron Paul to make a third party run at all.

I went to the Constitution Party website a while back and

read their platform/agenda. I did not impress me. Indeed, much of it is the opposite of what Dr.Paul believes and has advocated all these years.


NOT so much

as you imply.

Everyone, check it our for themselves. I could certainly live with it!!!

I could live with Chuck

I could live with Chuck Baldwin too! I think a Paul/ Baldwin ticket would unite all of us.. I see the libertarians are going for barr but if Ron Paul would stay in when and if he can't take back the republican party, and go with Baldwin I think he would get a huge amount of support.. Many from hucksters camp- many disgruntled republicans. and conservative Christians! as a Conservative Christian I love Baldwin! it would be interesting to see where the chips would fall.. could Paul bring the 5 million bucks he has to that ticket? I almost would not think we would need the media.. what would be wrong with producing an infomercial on TV? to let Ron Paul explain his views?

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

Libertarians are going for Barr?

I don't think they are actually.
I think they can see him clearly for the conservative that he is just like they can spot Mr. socialist Mike Gravel.