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We need to get a grip.

I'm just going to throw out there that it's possible that we're making ourselves look, well, stark raving mad.

For instance, nicknames for our political opponents. The man on the street does not refer to John McCain as Juan McInsane or whatever the heck passes for crazyman tinfoil vogue these days. We can present a spirited, lively, intellectually sound defense of our principles and critique of theirs without resorting to schoolyard tactics.

Second, the conspiracy theories. Aliens? Secret Masonic handshakes? Get a grip, guys. There's actually plenty Masons I know that support Ron Paul, too. (For the record, no, I'm not a Mason.) And they're too busy running a social club to even bother trying to establish functional control over world politics. Seriously... you think that if the Masons controlled stuff, they could have-I don't know-managed to get the Anti-Masonic Party banned back in the 1800s or something.

Liberty is neither juvenile nor paranoid. Juveniles demand a mommy state to take care of them, and paranoid people demand the state destroy all those funny-looking people that might be plotting to kill them. Let's rise above that, guys.

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I am an alien mason.
And don't talk about my mommy.

I like the funny names ...

they make me chuckle. There are some very witty people who post here, and I love good wit - and creative distortions of McCain, Hillary and Obama.

I think McInsane is fitting. I also like Boy George. For some reason, that one really makes me laugh. It's the imagery.

My husband uses McHilama to refer to all three candidates. Clever, huh?

I have noticed...

That if you have a disagreement with someone and are having a back and forth discussion, if you maintain your composure and don't resort to name calling and personal attacks, but instead point out the truth and rely on logic, then your message will be clearly heard and understood.

That is what we should be doing, but sometimes each of us can lose our cool.

But, that is only my opinion.

"crazyman tinfoil vogue"...

Ugh... Yeah... The "man on the street" has spoken... What about the man on the street who calls Ron Paul supporters "Paultards"... I don't know if you've noticed but people have a tendency to name-call... And also people have a tendency, especially when they're amongst what they consider to be like minded individuals, to sprinkle a bit of humor into their serious conversation, maybe flex their comedic muscle a bit... My personal opinion is that the use of nicknames isn't exactly making us look "stark raving mad"... And don't assume that because you know a couple of 2nd and 3rd degree Freemasons from your local lodge, you have a true grasp of the breadth and depth of the history of Freemasonry... As far as their "trying to establish functional control over world politics", well, do your homework... Most of the enormous amount of political figures throughout the years who are associated with Freemasonry haven't denied their involvement, effectively erasing the "theory" from the conspiracy... Liberty is not juvenile, as it has no age... Liberty is not paranoid, as it is not a human being with emotions. Liberty by definition is the right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.... Let us rise above, indeed...

We're better

than the idiots who call us "Paultards." Let's not diminish ourselves by stooping to their level.

No offense...

But you just called the name-callers idiots... How is that not stooping to their level...


These threads are getting so old. How about you stop trying to nanny the movement?

Conspiracies: Its called discernment. Some are outrageous, some are not. It requires one to weigh evidence, etc. Some people are good at this. Some are bad (and that includes people who think all conspiracies are "crazy theories that only the tin foil hat crowd would believe in"). They aren't going away so you might as well stop wasting your time.

Look, what is your point here? You think this thread is going to sweep meet ups across America and cause some kind of change? Intent does not equal result, you should know that. Stop nannying people and leave them alone.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

"crazyman tinfoil

"crazyman tinfoil vogue"?

First off, if calling John McCain names falls into that category, then consider me 'tres chic'!

Secondly, "wahhhhhhh!"

Don't forget the 9/11 conspiracy theorists

They need to get a grip too.

The chemtrail conspiracy theorists are out there too.

You're Right L.G.

I need to get a Grip of a 3 inch thick 4 foot long bamboo stick and beat you like Michael Fay for you apparent trolldom.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here led by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

hey honey

whoa, its my new bff lg...wondered where you ran off to sugar


LG - "Don't forget the 9/11 conspiracy theorists: They need to get a grip too."

But I thought that 19 people coming together in secret to plan a terrorist attack was a conspiracy? Maybe I'll just have to go look up the definition again.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

I'm one of those

but I do as Ron Paul requested and keep quiet about it.

Do yourself a favor...

Never do as you're told when someone tells you to keep quiet about something you believe to be true... Suppression of personal belief is a dangerous thing...

Give me a break

Running around telling everyone I think 9/11 is an inside job isn't going to help Ron Paul with his campaign. It's not a matter of censorship, it's the way I've chosen to pick my battles.

look once again

(i think this about the fourth time this week) dont include me in your "we", i am an ardent supporter and a free thinker. break your conditioning, quit worrying about what you look like and really search for the truth,,,you may be very surprised what you find. and also try to keep in mind, Ron Paul stands for freedom of expression and speech,,,most of us here are keenly aware of the iron censor glove of big brother, please dont fall into that mindset also.if you do not wish to read a particuliar subject, then merely ignore it .i have lost all faith in our present government, it is perhaps the most corrupt and evil to ever exist,is it any wonder we question our circumstances?

Ya got me with that one before.

I have to agree. Freedom is freedom. Unless, you get out of control. Then you need a time out or an @ss whoopin. Repression is what causes many of my ills. I think humor and creativity are fun. Once I get my ego out of the way... of course.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

I agree... I posted a tirade

I agree... I posted a tirade the other day but it got removed.