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Contact your Senators and Representatives

Everyone on here can contact your senators and your representative, and ask them to end the war in Iraq.

I also want them not to override President Bush's planned veto of the unconstitutional farm bill. This bill will hurt small farmers and probably increase world hunger. It also sounds like the "five year plans" the socialists and communists had during the cold war.

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Why are people still

Why are people still attacking these individual causes when we have a Petition of Grievance to serve on EVERY one of them June 30th! Please see my post from yesterday about helping with this one UNITED thing!

The congresspeople do listen to constituents

More than they listen to people out of their district.

most senators are at (the senator's last name).senate.gov
most representatives are at (the representative's last name).house.gov

they have an online form to fill out (click on "contact")